I'm so disappointed!

I had been away from MyEC for quite a long time and now that I'm back I'm very much disappointed by the number of the mistakes I make when I write something. My English wasn't good before I joined MyEC many years back but then I improved my English language skills to a degree that I was able to score 8 out of 9(btw, I consider that score more of a miracle and a blessing of God then a true reflection of my writing skill!) in writing section of IELTS Academic Test when I took the test about 2 and half years ago. My IELTS result has now expired and I've to retake the test, however; I'm not sure if I'd be able to score like I did before. I'm so scared! Any suggestions to improve my English in the shortest possible time will be highly appreciated as I plan to take the test by the end of July.

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  • Dear Nida, sure we can...

    Tell me how... Btw, I use software to take a test as practice. I didn't have a good time yesterday, so don't ask me the score. (≧∇≦) :D
  • Dear Nida,

    Don't be afraid. Just go for it. I am sure you'll be successful. Just have some reviews. That's it.

    Take it easy.

    Good luck.


  • Molemane,

    Thank you for the useful advice. I'm thankful to you for reading my blog and your nice comment. :)

  • Mitran,

    Let's do that! ;)

    Thank you for passing by. :)

  • Night,

    Time to grow up, kid! -_-

  • Mishaikh,

    Faith in myself is what I'm truly lacking. I've no idea what would I do in the test. :(

    Thanks for your encouraging words. I do appreciate them. :)

  • Setareh,

    Do you really think my English is quite well?! Thank you so much, dearest! You've lifted my spirits even beyond your imagination.

    Thank you very much for taking your time to read my blog and your wonderful comment. :)

  • Lady Anne,

    I've a very strong faith in prayers, bes. I believe they are doors to heaven and through them we often get things we don't even deserve. Btw, I do need your prayers, too. So don't forget to pray for me. :)

    I do believe that if we don't get what we desire, something much better is waiting for us....we just need to be little patient. However, dearest bes, if I don't get the required score in IELTS....I'll have to resit it. It'd be a NIGHTMARE! :(

    Thanks a million for visiting my blog, even though you're so busy with your work. :)

  • Adaline Bala,

    I've been trying to work hard, sweet heart. However, I'm so unsatisfied with myself. :(

    Thanks for wishes. I'm much obliged! :)

  • Evangelina,

    Lovely Eva, thank you so much for your kind advice and I'll definitely ask Tanya for help once she's back from her holidays.

    Thanks a zillion, Eva. I'm so grateful. :)

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