I love my little angels

I have two children. They are Rina and Qisty. Rina is ten years old and Qisty is four years old. They both kiss me when I wake up in the morning. Rina makes a cup of coffee for her father and she makes a cup of tea for me then she makes two glass of milk every morning. I cook fried rice in the kitchen. We have breakfast together before they are go to school. I love my little angels very much. Thank you, Allah. You have given me nice children.

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  • wish you and all of the mother in the world happiness forever

  • well you are very nice children

  • Beautiful image !!

    May Allah always watch over them and keep them happy and healthy for you.

  • you're very lucky 

  • Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. 

    English tip: "two children"

  • May Allah bless your both the angles.

    They both kiss me when I wake up.........................

    Two glasses of milk...................

    We have breakfast together.................................

    You have given me nice children.  (children is itself a plural) 

  • Wow! They greet you that nice every morning. How happy and lucky you are...! I'm sure they will be wonderful daughters 'till the end. May Allah bless your family, Siska. :)

  • They are so beautiful girls ^^ God bless them :)

  • So cute and beautiful children.Nice to hear that your daughter Rina making tea and coffee for her parents.I also having a pair of daughters,they are twins.But very lazy kids.Each and everything my wife have to do.You are very lucky mother,As MyEc members we are proud of you.
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