Umm... Hello everyone, I am new here. Well, actually it's already been a... week? Hahaha

I work at the multinational company and able to speak (or have skill in English) is a must. That's why I joined this club. I'm want to focus on my speaking, I need to improve my speaking before I fly to Singapore for the sake of work :( I'm frustrating, really.. :( I'm afraid that people wouldn't understand what I'm saying because my pronunciation is really bad (I think). And also I'm afraid that you don't understand what I wrote here, because my writing skill is also not very good. Ahahaha.

Since I joined this club, I haven't found good partner for speaking. All I found was someone like... ah you know... I can't say they are bad but... mmm 

Ok, just skip.

Anyway, this is my very very first time I'm writing a blog post in English, so please if there is any mistakes just correct me, I would very happy if you do that! :D

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  • Just go on and write your next blog. Commenting and interacting offline with people here is not bad, otherwise good and absolutely could improve your English. Welcome to English Club and ...

    Good Luck! :)

  • Hello, welcome to our englishclub blog..

  • Welcome to MyEc.lets get together and learn together.Dear friend you have stepped to the correct place to learn English.Congratulations for the first blog.I hope you will be among us very often.Try to be a active member here.There are plenty of friends and teachers to help you.Good luck!
  • Haha! Yes I do understand :D Thanks for correcting! 

  • Welcome to the world of EC bloggers. Just don't be afraid to practice your writing in here.


    I'm frustrating - I believed it should be "I'm frustrated'. I'm frustrating means that you're a 'frustrating' person. :D :D Like 'I'm boring' which should be 'I'm bored'. I hope you can understand what I'm trying to say in here. LOL

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