Hey y'all!

Long time... yada yada yada.

I.D.I.O.M.A.7.I.C is back again. Yayyyyy! :/ I guess.

For those who are newbs around here the rule -mmm hmm just one- is simple. Look at the pic - guess the idiom. Easy, huh?

Now, can you guess this one?







Image result for skeleton in closet pic



Answer: Skeleton in the closet -an embarrassing fact someone wants to keep hush-hush

Winner: Gabriel 

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  • Wow! Gabriel,

    That was an unnecessary amount of work. Seems like we have a winner!Image result for confetti gif

    P.S. Since I'm vindictive, I used a sh*tty confetti gif; just like your skeleton.


  • Hang in!

    • Is that an answer or a semi-motivational "quote"?

      • Yes this is an nextempore answer.

        hang in there

        An expression of encouragement to persist or stay calm in a challenging situation.
        know you're worried, but hang in there—I will ses you soon.
        • An ''extempore" huh? Oh, wow! Look at you includeding a definition an' all! Coooooooooooool! :/

          And one more thing, if it's direced at me, I'm NOT worried, why would I?

          You wanna ''ses'' me soon? Wait, WHAT? Anyhow,

          Image result for how about no

          • "see" It was a typo. Sorry.

            • I know that! All the same.

  • Rose,

    ''Having corpses in the basement''

    Love that.

    By the way, you explained the idiom, why didn't ya mention it, though? Don't ya wanna win again?

    • OK...I thought Gabriel was correct.

      Here is my attempt: To have Skeletons in the closet.


      • Good job! 

        You nailed it)

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