Long time no...blah blah bloody blah. To be honest, not lookin' at the searing white space of the site was refreshing. In all seriousness, though, it's been a while since I've posted somethin' here. Been dealin' with a problem which I'd rather not elaborate on. Let's face it. Most of ya'll don't care what it is now, do ya? Oooooooh... look at them heads Shakin'!




Who's ready for another round of I.D.I.O.M.A.7.I.C? MARY, Rose Iris, OM... lookin' at you guys. Um, Roman? Or the other one with the

 devastatingly enigmatic generative syntax? Alfred I think his name was.



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Or maybe some fresh meat?

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To all the newbies: 

The idea is to look at the picture and guess the idiom which correlates with the image.


Here we go.






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Good luck and may the best idiom-cracker win!

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Yup, seems 'bout right.

P.S.  My deepest apologies for the long post. Did my best to keep the "preview" a preview... without hittin' enter the whole damn thing shows up in the blogs section. Aaaargh!

The answer:

lay someone out in lavender

To kill, to scold someone and to get a corpse ready to "fertilize daffodils". In case ya didn't know, morticians put lavander in the coffin to cover the foul stench of a decomposing body.

The winner:


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  • But the real winner is the gal who introduced me to the Lavendarman. Still waitin' for the sidekick, though. The Perfume Sample Kid maybe?

  • Sorry for the delay, but the winner is MA NO.  Curious nick, by the way.

    Be careful, y'all, She likes to kill... idioms.

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    MA NO
    myEnglishClub (myEC), your page in English
    • Congratulations Mano!

  • Shrinking violet - someone who is shy, especially in the moments of being a center of attention.

    Example: He was a brave hero in the chats, hiding behind the stunning avatars... and shrinking violet in routine life, being afraid to expose himself to the straight piercing looks of surrounding people.


    • Right... no.

  • Oi there, folks

       Coming back to the "lavender" idioms, in my old notebook I came across two dioms involving that lovely, aromatic flower, unfortunately the idomatic connotation is quite the contratry, so, here it goes:

        I tell you, you better not doble-cross them or you will be laid oud in lavender. [here the idiom means - get killed]

        Watch out, if you break that Ming vase you will be laid out in lavender. [and here it means - to get scolded]

    I hope that I made up for my faut pas in missing the usual "Oi there" ice breaker! :-)

    • Rys hi,

      Hehee that's what I meant. I'd kill all the idioms to put many heads at ease)

    • That faux pas... think nothing of it. All is forgiven now that you broke the ice.

  • Turn over a new leaf - to change behaviour, to start leading a better life. 

    One of those plants is so high, that it looks like it is leading a better life...

    Example:  After spending three months tied to bed, he turned over a new leaf, saying no to driving drunk.

    • Sorry, I just accidentaly deleted one of your ingenious comments, but that doen't overshadow my current reaction to your brilliant answer.

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