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  • Khir bok wo khun mi, Anna? Indeed, Anna is beautiful. Nice photo!

  • Silence also communicates.  One needs to have the sensibility to catch its frequency! 

  • Invisible ( fact ) , there is someone who is crazy enough to understand the language of silent living things )

  • And is there someone else here! -_-
  • AG , How nice :)

  • Nida ! It was almost 3 years ago :)

    All wind chimes have got damaged by the weather but only the one which was made of seashells is still in good condition .

  • Thank you , Mishailkh .

  • Lovely blog as usual, Anna! :)

    You know whenever I see a wind chime, it reminds me of the blog you wrote about wind chimes in your home. You know whenever I read any blog of yours I feel so close to nature. Keep up the beautiful work, my dear. :)

  • Yes, you are reslly beautiful!
  • What a nice blog... I am sorry for it's the first time I notice it... 

    Thumb up! 

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