I Am Always Late

I know what is true and what is wrong, yet I remain silent, thinking that lies will not be hurt, and when I realize that I have to support the truth, I delay it, because when I realize that the truth is death. Supporting the truth became meaningless. 
I know who used to love me and who pretend to be my lover, yet I remained silent letting both fight against each others. The winner would be my choice. When the true lover lost the battle and she lost somewhere. I then realize that no one was loser but me. I was late to express my love. 
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  • I hope this feeling goes away soon. Then you discover new opportunities to say the words you want to say at the right time. Not too soon or too late. God Bless u, always.

    • I hope when I find new opportunity, I won't miss it out. But my hesitation is my biggest barrier. I have no idea how to come it over. Thank for encouraging. I need such encouragement 

  • Me too! I'm always late as usual. Some guys never reach in time, they hit the platform when train whistles.

    • Maybe it is human instinct that you can express fake love freely, but can not express love before someone you truely love. Thank for your comments. 

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