I still strongly think that we should have human rights representatives from all walk of life to speak their heart and mind regard to human rights issues that they are facing from where they are coming from all over the world.

I had a chance to serve on the committee of human rights advisority committee, Beaverton, OR, USA in 2012-2013.  My desire and hope is that there will be a human rights representatives from every nation or country around the world to come to present his/her own human rights issues that they are facing to the committees in freedom of speech, religions, cultures in dignity of human perspectives in peace and love of God.  

Can we talk about the human rights issues here as a discussion, comments, suggestion and critique? 

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  • yes but how they will ensure rights of poor nations when resources are snatch by bigs

  • Very important discussion 

  • Natural rights are the rights that are born with the human being and the duty of the state to preserve them, and the authority may not deprive an individual of them. These rights include: the right to life and security, the right to property, the right to equality, the right to privacy, the right to good reputation, the right to dignity The right to fair legal proceedings and the right to freedom.


    • Thanks for your respond.

  • The so called land of democracy........where a man killed in front of audiance

  • In some places still that freedom not reached.i wish that freedom spread in all over the world oneday...

    • Yes, that is so true, I think so too.

  • Toi yeu dung, Vi Nguyen! Everybody likes it. There are many representatives in different countries but the matter springs from indie the heads of states. You understand, Vi, they want for themselves. You know the rest. Thanks for sharing.

    • I want people to write about their human rights experience on here.  Just wondering if the topic is popular in discussion on here.

  • Hi, Vi, as important as I find that topic, it is a political topic as well. I prefer to talk about such things in other forums. Here I talk only with people who are willing to look critically at their own country, and then we talk in private chats or on skype. Greetings! 

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