We all have money problems. Even people with huge amounts of money have money problems. But what of students? Students have infinite issues when it comes to money. Especially college students. It may be easier for students who live with their parents, but still the problem can arise when you want to spend more than your pocket money.

It gets more difficult for students who live in hostel because well your parents are paying for everything, your tuition, hostel fees, rent, food service, etc. So to buy something you need more money. You cannot ask your parents, they probably will tell you about their own issues, so no.

A brilliant way would be to make your own money. But how? Isn’t that why you are in college, to get a degree and then get a job. Yes, get a degree by all means, but if you want to make money now, just something on the side will do just fine. There are number of ways you can make money online from the comfort of your own home and with minimal or no investment. So, let’s dive in to know 5 creative ways college students can make money online.


If you are a creative soul then you got nothing to worry about. Online market is your oyster. You like to paint, create illustrations, and know how to make arts and craft, then get on with it. People are getting crazy for customised handmade art prints, handmade merchandise and customised paintings.

There is a whole market out there for amazing handmade art commodities and you can make your online presence by posting amazing pictures of your creations and selling them and make money online.

Create social media accounts and market your own handmade designs and sell it on Amazon, Etsy, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You can make profits by maximising your social media outreach. You can even learn a few tips on digital marketing. Now isn’t this the best way to make some easy money while you are in college. Plus you get to do what you love.


It’s the era of online education and you should make the most of it. If you are into teaching and want to expand or share your knowledge with others, then this is for you. You can easily make money online by affiliating with online teaching entities, and teach your preferred subject to kids or adults. This will be really helpful if you want to make your career in teaching or academics.

Another option would be to make your own online course on a subject you love or specialise in. You can create your website, PDF notes, etc. You can even sell your class notes online if you don’t want to share it with your friends and want to make money online.


We live in the world where people are becoming celebrities by just posting videos on you tube. Be it fashion, beauty, books, lifestyle, or how to content and many gazillion things you can possibly post about. Everything and anything.

Do you spend your leisure time watching someone explain something on YouTube and thinking that you can do better? If you know something and want to share it with the world, and not shy in front of camera, then go for it. You are meant for this.

Like doing makeup? Make a video on your unique way of doing make up, Review beauty products, various subscription boxes, etc. Do a Travel Vlog. Share your unique experiences with the world. Into fashion? Then show some of your amazing fashion sense and styling tips. Do recipes, yoga sequence, dance routine, Zumba and so much more. The world of content creation is unlimited.


Do you like to write? Do you fantasize about being a poet or a writer? You have stories to tell and poetries to recite then what’s stopping you? Remember, we are living in a world where internet has become our basic necessity. There is a whole online writers’ community out there and you can join them.

Write your novel or poetry collection and publish online. This way you can already have the online presence before starting your professional writing career.

You can also opt for audiobook recording. If you like to do creative reading or just like reading books out loud then you can record in your voice and sell it online.


If you are passionate about something then share your passions with the world. Do you like travelling, cooking awesome recipes, reading books, etc.? Then why not blog about it. You can create your own free website or set up a free blog and just start writing. There are number of videos and blogs catered to teaching people on how to create a free website or blog.

I watched this movie once “Julie & Julia”, which is based on a true story. It is about a young blogger Julie Powell, who writes a blog about cooking all the recipes included in Julia Child’s Cookbook. This blog got so popular that it was adapted into a movie. So do not underestimate your passion. Just Blog!

Write about your travels, review books online, review movies and series, your unique cooking style or cuisine, review mobile phones, blog about fashion, review beauty products, etc. You can monetise your blog by affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, digital marketing, etc.

If you really love to write and don’t want to do the whole blogging thing then you can also do freelance writing or content writing in your spare time and get paid to write.


So, there you have it. All the ways you can make money online. There are many more ways but always remember being creative is the key here.


So go find your passion and sell it. You Got This!

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  • This article is very good for my purse. No single dime in my saving account. 

  • One thing that I did to make money as a college kid was transcribe videos on Rev.com. It wasn't a lot, but a great way to pay for some extras. Love your list of even more options here!

    Kate, Owner of San Jose Asbestos Testing

  •      Really it is a very nice and helpful article, no question about that. I believe if we unleashed our skills in anything we like, we would be astonished about the results. Thanks a lot for sharing us these meaningful advice. God bless you.

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