How to spot a psychotic/psychopath that looks convincingly normal? Expert estimates that about one in 100 people is a psychopath. For sure, you are acquainted with them without your awareness of it. They could be your parents, siblings, friends, or even yourself. Aside from that maybe you have a preconceived idea that a weird person is branded a psycho. If a person is acting contrary to what is supposed to be, what else could you ever think about it? On the other hand, calling someone a “psycho” as an innocent joke or maybe just a slip of your tongue that is only an empty remark is no big deal for you. You are lucky if the subject laughingstock isn’t a psycho, otherwise, you might face a serious consequence that could be life-threatening and it’s not a joke.

But what if a person is a real psycho? Not just like your funny declaration but rather a medical diagnosis. They have the following traits that if you’re not keen you’ll miss the chance to notice. They are emotionless yet know how to play concern, they lack remorse, they don’t feel anxious, most of the time they don’t feel guilty of what they did no matter how bad it was, they are not completely anti-social but they just don’t care, incapacity for love and empathy, they think they are more rational than other people, they feel emotion (mostly rage) but very shallowly (soft), they don’t feel fear, and they see the world in a different scale and shade.

Well, to spot a psycho (potential) is quite a life-saving skill.

Actually, psychopathy or sociopathy is not an official diagnosis. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), this refers to the condition as antisocial personality disorder. People who are diagnosed with APD have an abnormal personality functioning and pathological personality traits, such as egocentrism and manipulativeness. Research studies the brain activities of a person to determine the capacity to react to different kind of situations. The normal brain shows more activity in the lower frontal lobe than the psychopath’s brain. There is a genetic variant called MAO-A, which linked to psychopathic behavior. The gene responsible for making a protein that breaks down certain types of chemical messengers that are connected to our moods such as dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin.

Dr. Robert Hare, a criminal psychologist and the creator of Hare Psychopathy Checklist helps us to identify possible psychopaths. For studying the psychopath’s brain and activities for 40 years, the list is quite reliable to use as a measurement when a person stepped over a societal boundary.

When we look around us, we will disagree that only one out of 100 could be a possible candidate for this mental illness. Just watch the news how many people kill a fellow human for petty things. Suicide bombers who just don’t care about the destruction they’ll make for numerous others and to themselves. Greedy politicians who want to acquire more power. We are living in the world of psychopaths. Before they were classified as a small cluster of our society but now they almost dominated some countries and nations.

In my opinion, this is not a sole psychological disorder but a spiritual one, as this world is full of demons and we are engaging to multitude human-like beasts. Who can consider an estranged father who’d raped his 6 months old daughter a human being? Who can categorize how evil a son, who killed his parents, cemented them inside a drum, and throw them in the middle of the sea? Who can classify a priest that turned his followers to many devils than he is and instructed them to drink cyanide or to eat a grass like a goat? Who can include the highest government official that leads his people to damnation and forced them to believe that he is a god?    

People will only view this as a scientific case, developmental issues, and foremost psychological context…they forget that this is more spiritual than material. The spiritual reality of this is more damaged whether we believe it or not, there is a spiritual reality and they are influencing us more than we could ever imagine and more than we can see.

Sad to say, I met a lot of these kinds of people. Actually, I thought I’m one in the borderline but thank God I failed the test. :P This will be the first time for me to say that I’m happy I feel fear, though I don’t flinch or got surprised even if somebody blows up a car tire or something~~~I thought my brain was just SLOW. :P

Btw, not all psychopaths are criminals, some are successful individuals.

In case you would like to check your potential, I copied the link of the blog for checklist here…

Thanks for reading guys! God bless!

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  • Dear Mish, there are devils inside of us and we have to keep on fighting to cast them out! Because they are outsiders as we are of God.

  • Once I read an essay (in Urdu) that no devil exists there as we believe in,  but it  is us-self having one within us.

    So there is one hell of psycho exits in every one of us.

  • Dear Nomi! Why don’t you try? :D Yeah! They are half of our population now, then a quarter of bipolar, the rest is somewhat normal or schizo… :D haha!

  • Dear Mary, just like you I totally disagree to acknowledge that ratio, but expert says. :/

    They are not only politicians, they are religious leaders too. :@

    Btw, my field is close to psychos so getting some interest is already here. :D Thanks!

  • Dear my lovely past (Erza), so sorry for the delay, I've been so busy these past few weeks and all I can do was to read. Maybe because people nowadays prefer to go with the flow without thinking what the hell they are doing, lacking sense. The “yes” attitude is common today especially when the situation favors them, even if it’s evil.

  • I'm not going to check my potential as I may turn out to be a psychopath :D

    You gave prefect examples of psychopaths, yup only they can do such barbarous things. And you are also right that this is more to do with spirituality, one out of hundred seems a small figure, one out of ten would be a more realistic figure :D
  • Just one in 100??? uhm... Seems few to me.

    You're right in that sentence in boldface: there are a lot of successful psychos and people vote for them to become presidents of some countries. We are ruled by psychos. But I disagree when you say they are not 'criminals': They are, but they can't be caught 'cause they make rules to protect themselves.

    Thanks for sharing and blogging again... Btw Risty, I didn't know you were interested in psychos ;)

  • My fear is that people's resembling eachother in a society in terms of approving being abnormal in a matter how it happens and observing the increase of this freakness day by day feels me restless because the eyes get used to what they see in time and accept it as normal..

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