(FREE INFO) When Life is Weary, How Can I Manage ?

Some of us were turning into a negative or irritable feelings. Of course like what happen to me, expecting some things that may probably manipulated by human actions. We need to relax our mind, money money that's all our needs. We think of money of course, it is needed. Fund raising, or getting over a problems,or something we can't really solve right now. Am I earning here, maybe no but helping you & ease some burdens.

These are my tips of the month;

1. Relax your mind. Feel the air and your blood running into your spine as you straightening your back at the bed. Meditation is very important to release tensions.



2. If problems can't be solve specially money matters. Find some training programs for free online or other hosted events in your town or cities. By that way you can be discovered and do some extra works for a living. 


3. Exercise your mind by joining debate in the chat rooms or create a group so you can share some problems together.

4. Joining in some freelance job so you can see yourself you are not alone struggling.

   ReferencesFIVERRAIRBNB HOSTING , CREATE YOUR OWN PAGE , then ask me more & I help you. 

5.Chatting is bad if you perceive it as bad. Homeschooling is good, as long as you learned from your tutor. Finding a good partner in learning is normal and to parents you must know your kids doing. But if your son or daughter are old enough , then don't treat them like a kid or so. Talking & Writing can help you ease some burden. You can get more ideas to your friends or relatives, or watching some films, & movies.

6.Listen to relaxing MUSIC is the best medicines for a heart full of problems. 


                                     TO BE CONTINUE 


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