How to improve English speaking skills?

Hi everyone, I'm Kevin from Guangzhou China. I'm a sourcing engineer for casters, metal products, molding injection parts, die cast parts, wax-lost process parts, powder metallurgy parts. Recently, as work request, I want to imporve my oral English and pass the IELTS.I need some advice and want to make more friends who willing to talk with me via skype as my English tutor volunteer. Also I will send some surprise gift as friends some day.My Skype, live:2940681482Hope to meet you here my friends.Best regards
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  • xia xia!  Add me please. Thanks Kev. 

  • wo ai ni, Kev. wo yeshei, me too, I want to be one of your friends and improve my poor Chinese. I hope you agree. Thanks. 

    • Hi Dara,

      Good day~

      I'd love to help you to improve your Chinese. 我很乐意帮你提高你的中文。

      I guess you know some Chinese pronunciation. Actually, you can type some Chinese chracater with pronunciation by sogo input software.


      I've add you as friends here.


      Best regards



  • Hi Kevin!

    I tried to add you in Skype, but your ID doesn't work, If you add me as a friend, I can send you my ID and we can chat there. I am a teacher and I have taken the TOEFL test, but I have some ideas on how to prepare for IELTS. So, send me a message if you like.

    Take care!

    • Hi Pilar,

      Good day~

      Thanks for your kindly reply.

      My Skype ID:, I am not sure if this ID is working. Can you share your skype ID with me?




      • I added you as friend and sent it in the message. 

  • hi Kevin

    i would advice you try 

    it is free application, i use it and it is comfortable in my mind.

    • Hi Winnie,

      Thanks so much.

      I've browsed this page, Maybe it works and I will try it later.

      Thanks for your kindly recommendation~

      Take care my friend~


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