How to create an Attractive Ad?

How to create an Attractive Ad?


A properly written ad for free boards is like a "triplet" in medicine. It allows for free, but at the same time effectively attracts buyers to sell virtually any goods and services, ideally complements other advertising channels and does not require special skills in writing texts. This is for customers. And for copywriters, this is just another lucrative niche with huge demand, low entry threshold and little competition. I know professionals who work only in it and feel great.

Swap roles

Before you begin makштп a description, imagine for a minute that you are a potential buyer of your product / customer and determine what information about the product / service you need to convey first, what should be mentioned inside the text, and what the final part of your ad should look like.

Start the description with the key idea

The first 2-3 lines of the description should be the most attractive part of your ad, since the first thing that other users pay attention to is the title and the first sentence of the text. Do not write additional parameters in the first part of the ad, submit information according to its value.

 Provide a detailed description, in an easy-to-read form

Use paragraphs, don't forget about spaces between words. Solid text ads are poorly received and usually do not attract the attention of customers / buyers who do not have the time and desire to search for them. Completeness and clarity is an essential feature of any quality successful ad.

 Write thoughtfully and souble check

Write carefully, make no mistakes, state your opinion clearly. Literate text will be a worthy recommendation for you, it is more enjoyable to read, it will not make you laugh. Do not shorten words beyond recognition, use commonly known forms of shortening so that a potential client can decipher your text without special vocabulary or someone's help.

Don't misuse common phrases

It is very common to read ads that have the following expressions: "We only have the best!", "Our cheapest services!", "Only we will help you!", Etc. Generic phrase ads in the description (and in the headline) are ineffective, so avoid such phrases.

Customize the text for your client

Speak a clear language for your client. Use the right words, try to find the best style to describe your product / service.

Be original!

The rubric where your ad is placed may already have suggestions similar to your content. To stand out from other offers, use the original wording of the title, attract openness, interesting details, the benefits of your product / service.

I sell cabinet and TV or 1 + 1 = 0

Do not create an ad that offers 2 or more different products. Create individual ads for each new product - it will attract more attention to your offers and increase the chance of a successful deal.

The customer must trust you!

Agree - it's much safer to deal with John, Nick, Sarah than with Astronaut, angel_666, kyky or Sale2011. Therefore, do not use obscure, cosmic names in the Contact Person field. Better to include your own name that will increase the customer's trust. 

Keep in touch

Respond to messages promptly, politely, and informatively. Remember: responding quickly and accurately to any question from an interested person may be the key to making your purchase.

Try not to miss an incoming call, and even if you have not been able to answer, call back: this missed call may be the most important to making a successful deal. 

Link instead of description is bad

An ad with a link to jump to a detailed product description is not a good solution. Not all users are ready click on unknown links, so it's better to include a description of the product in the field provided. Please note that links in the ad description are only allowed on a specific product page, ads with links to the homepage or section of the site are disapproved.

To see is to believe

 Be sure to add photos to your ad. A customer who sees a quality, clear image of the product they intend to buy is more interested in your offer than in a similar one without a photo. Don't forget the rules: Many OLX headings do not allow stock photos taken from the Internet or scanned from a photo directory.

 Use the keywords

Your ad can be found not only directly but also through search engines, so use keywords in the headline and text.

It is advisable to mention the keyword or phrase several times in the text, and it is important to remember that abuse of these keywords will cause suspicion on the part of the search engines and the imposition of a sanction announcement page until it is excluded from the search base.

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