So you want to be a great chef.  Let's take a step by step look at making Korean Jjajangmen - noodles with black bean sauce.


First, place a small pot of water on your stove and heat it on medium until hot.



You can wait until the water starts to boil to add the noodles or you can get a jump start and add the noodles after the water is at least hot.


After adding the noodles you can reduce the heat to low and cook the noodles about 5 minutes until they are fully separated and tender.

Then, drain the water from noodles.  I went ahead and transferred the noodles to a small bowl.

10657380675?profile=RESIZE_710x Now you're ready for the black bean sauce.


Once you've added the black bean sauce, stir the noodles and sauce to mix.


Voila!  Your Jjajangmen is now ready to enjoy.


Now you're on your way to being a master Chef. ;)


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  • Hello Tim, LOL

    Who are in the world not be able to cook instant noodle? So, bilions of people are master chefs. 😎

    I haven't tried this. Thanks for sharing your interesting blog.

  • Most ingredients shown on last image are missing in your Jjanjangmen :). Whare are they? 

    • Last photo shows the package of instant noodles, but yes their package photo shows vegetables which I suppose are dehydrated into the mix so you don't see such nice vegetables in yoir finsihed product although you could add some. :)

  • Dont know why but I sense certain degree of sarcasm here

    • humor for sure , more tongue in cheek than sarcasm though


  • Tim thanks.. -_-

  • xia xia Tim. I will follow the instructions, but I hope not to fail. Thanks. 

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