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    • That's awasome

  • My native language is Spanish and I am English Learner. But I am trying by myself learn German and Italian.

    • Okay sound good do you use Duolingo 

    • Having Spanish as a native one, Italian has to be as a pleasant addition. As well as Portugues. I am sure you understand 80% of it easily. 

    • Cool you learn Italian 

    • Is right Olga. Romance languages have similarity in a few words. Nevertheless, German (not a romance language) has always call my attention. Actually, I love to learn other languages because it expands the knowledge of other cultures around the world. That makes me happy.

  • that's great... i only can understand 2 

    • Aha cool

  • Ahib Alarabiya ya Esra! I like your language. Thanks for sharing. 

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