"One language sets you in a corridor for life.

Two languages open every door along the way."

~Frank Smith~

I myself have been speaking Indonesian as the mother tongue the language of unity. You know Indonesia has more than 400 languages​​. Our Founding Fathers made ​​the Indonesian language as the language of unity. That's why despite having more than 400 languages​​, we only speak one language, Indonesian, which has been enriched with a variety of vocabulary (local and foreign languages --Arabic, English, Dutch and another) as the lingua franca*.

However that does not mean we Indonesians are not allowed to learn a foreign language. Amazing! I myself learnt more than three foreign languages​​ (Arabic, English, Dutch and German) since I was at school. How about you, please to share your experiences in language learning.


*Lingua franca

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  • @Hafida, Thanks for sharing! I'm glad to share the experience, unfortunately I cannot keep my languages well :(

    Amazing! You mastered in the three languages ;)

  • @ Sweet Sandra,
    Mastered several languages ​​prevent dementia. You are a polyglot, sister Sandra. I'm proud of you. Thank you for sharing. Might I will ask about your tips how to be fluent, just study hard? how about your tricks to learning languages? Wow ..!

  • @Sahar, 
    What did happen to us? whether we have became friend? Oh I forgot something .. you weren't listed in my friends list. Ok I added you ... LOl (after I visited at your page, what a funny incident)

  • @Great, Sahar!
    Thanks for sharing .. it's awesome enough! You have been learning three languages more and you fluent in it!

    The strength of a nation lies in their own language, a key to open the doors of knowledge and wisdom ...

  • @Teacher Hala,
    I was amazed by the experience of learning the foreign language from many countries. they felt free to learn any foreign language as they liked. I believe the government requires each citizen to learn about it. in Indonesia, the Indonesian language is the language of unity, so the goverment gave more pressure to us to learn it than else. my country has several kind of different education system, the school which emphasize materials of religion more has its advantages, especially mastery of the Arabic language (they are known as "madrassas or Islamic school"). about me, as I told I have one year experience teaching the Arabic language at elementary school, but It was no longer, and you can guess, now my arabic language disappeared ... :D

    Thanks for sharing, it is nice to knowing about yours ;)

  • @Sama

    Have you ever had a funny experience when teaching a foreign language? Thank you for sharing about your experiences. 

  • @Tawfeeq,
    Very difficult to keep the language that we've learned without practicing seriously and continuously . I learned four foreign languages ​​but they all disappeared ... :p. My father was a lecture of Arabic, step by step I learned with him and at all levels in the school that I attended. Arabic is more difficult than what I imagined. I've been taught Arabic at the elementary school just for one year.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • @Sunil Jogdeo,

    Thanks for sharing, honestly learning a foreign language enriches our knowledge and learn many things. I tell you before teaching the subject of citizenship I wanted to being a German language teacher,  and It was not achieved. But I'm grateful to be able to learn some foreign languages​​. How so wonderful life I have ...

  • @ Grace,

    All were returned back to your teachers? Haha that's funny words, Grace. Might be the same with me .. I just speaking Indonesian that's why I haven't been keeping in the fluency of English and another foreign languages yet, poor of me :P ... Thanks for sharing, I thought it was your great experiences. Good luck!

  • this is really great !!

    me , i know arabic , french , and i'm learning english now

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