How I can be a God?

Following is a scene from a story called “The thin Thread” by an Egyptian writer called Ehsan Ebd Elqudoos.

In this scene the two lovers who do live with each other (without marriage) quarrel with each other, as "she" dislikes and blames him that "he" danced in that night with another female who is his boss’s daughter for the sake of etiquette without taking her feelings in consideration;

 (Sent to me by a friend of mine in Egypt).

He: Yes, I danced with her,,,for the sake of etiquette!
She: you take the "etiquette" in your consideration while you do not take my feelings in your consideration?!
He: You have to know that there are traditions and ethics which we must take in our consideration.
She: you now talk about "traditions and ethics"?! where were such traditions earlier?!
He: it was always there.
She: and what made your eyes to open now and to see it?!
He: the society we live in.
She: So, it's my sin that I supported you in this society.
He: the society never adopted our relationship.
She: And this society does adopt you only?!,,,it's a coward society, anyone can make it adopts thier will only if\when they are strong.
He: I can't make people adopt my sins!
She: people are also full of sins.
He: yes, but they do hide thier sins.
She: only the weak person who does hide their sins.
He: You want to say that I'm a weak person?!
She: Oh, then am I your sin?!
He: Our love is our sin.
She: then, we correct this sin,,,we just do marry, then.
(He keeps silent and confused for a second,,,putting his eyes down and says: but............
(Here she feels hurt by his silence,,,and says with tears: do not say a word, I who will refuse to marry you, I refuse to marry a weak person like you,,,even if you stand on your knee before me!
He: Please darling,,,do not destroy everything,,,I love you,,,I want to do marry you,,,but I fear that this marriage might not be good for us.
She: you mean "not good for YOU"!
He: No darling, for both of us, what is the difference if we carry on our life as it is?!,,,what difference does it make if our love keeps in secret?!,,,just think in the success I achieved.
She: I'm your partner in every success you have you deny me to share you the fruit of it?!
He: No dear, you who have built me,,,you who made me,,,you who created from me this succeeded person...So, for the sake of your creature do safegaurd him.
She: And me?! what\where then is my share?!
He: the creator does give, he never takes!
She: the creator does ask his creature to do worship him overtly, but you do worship me secretly!
He: the secret worship is the most devoted sorts of worshipping!
She: worshipping is not a sin, but you consider your love to me is as a sin!
He: it's not me who consider this, it's the society, an unbeliever society,,,in which no one believes in you except me!
She: well, be an a messenger and do spread your message!
He: I'm too little to be a messenger,,,I can't be a messenger!

(here she shouts saying: AND WHO TOLD YOU THAT I CAN BE A GOD ?!!!


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  • Thanks Peaceful_girl for your comments.

  • Hi

    The conversation is written beautifully! The woman talks logically, but the man has nothing to say in defending his sin,....A man who likes to have secret love, he wants to keep his position in society, he wants society think he is a gentleman as well as a a family friendly man, since no society adopt a man who plays with a woman's feelings and destroying her life.
  • Good to see you after a long time Angel.
  • Thanks for sharing such an interesting story! Is it society matter that much to some one decision ?  In my opinion he didn’t love her):D 

  • It's a great expression of feeling... thanks for sharing

  • Dear mishaikh !!!!

    it's really great piece...

    ye jannat mubarak rehe zahidon ko
    k me ap ka samna chata hun

    enjoyed a lot while reading it....tough debate !!!!!!!
    thanks for sharing it.
  • Yes I understant Anne, and I totaly agree with how you opined.  I just tried to be clear what my intention is for the other viewers.

  • I have no intention to invalidate or validate a relationship from this literature, either.  

    I just can't help relate the story to our present world situation especially where modern relationships are concerned.  This dialogue taken from that "literature" was so realistic that one could relate this to the real life experiences.  

    In our modern language, this conversation can be tagged as "lovers' quarrel".

    Putting aside religion (but not totally taking it away), some countries treat living together without a judge or a pastor or a priest's blessing called matrimony or marriage as illegal.  What is illegal in the eyes of men is considered as sin in the eyes of God.  I am glad we have our common answer to my question.


    Lol, you know me, Mishaikh.  If your intention is just to offer to read this piece of literature, you wouldn't be able to see my comment here.  I will just have to read this and walk away.  But I saw that this blog was open for comments.  How can I reject that?

  • Thanks Anne for your nice comments.

    I didn't make any changes in the text just published as she (my friend in Egypt) sent to me.

    Thanks for reading.  My intention just to offer to read a piece of "literature". (Not to emphasise whether the relationship mentioned in he story valid or not.  In my religion this is a BIG SIN).

  • Can a couple living in sin expect a blessing from God?

    There's a line that caught my attention and found it interesting.

             but I fear that this marriage might not be good for us.

    I guess this common fear is the core foundation why some couples opt to be "live-in" partners.  It's like more of experimenting than building actually.  Experiment can be a 50-50 chance while building is a sure chance for a strong relationship.   But who would dare enter a constitution with a total stranger?  It takes years to completely know your partner starting from the day you live together.  It is indeed our greatest gamble in life.

    Truly, how lucky are those couples who never experience breaking their family apart.


    Their or thier?   I saw a couple of words spelled as "thier".  It's a typo since the other "their" is correctly written.

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