The G7 summit was held from 19 May to 21 May in Hiroshima, Japan. The main themes are about the support of Ukraine fighting against Russian invasion, the support of developing countries being seriously affected by the Russia-Ukraine war such as grain shortage and soaring grain prices, and making a new supply chain that doesn't depend on China considering risk management.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russia has threatened Western countries who support Ukraine by implying Russia could use nuclear weapons. Russia have raised the possibility of a nuclear war. In this situation, the Japanese prime minister Kishida, whose ancestors are from Hiroshima, decided to hold G7 summit in Hiroshima because he thought that Hiroshima was the best place from where the message of the nuclear threat and nuclear abolition could be sent to the world. As you know, Hiroshima is the first place in which an atomic bomb was dropped.

It is very hard to make a world without nuclear weapons. To make that kind of world, all countries must give up nuclear weapons at the same time and swear not to have them forever. In addition, we must create an international organization that monitors the possession of nuclear weapons and has strong power.

How do you feel about the message from Hiroshima? Is it just an ideal in the clouds? Or we can make a world without nuclear weapons someday?


G7 leaders laid flowers at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

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