How do I practice to become a positive person?

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For my self, positive people include 2 aspects: positive thinking and positive action. 

Positive thinking is the way that we recognize and evaluate things, problems in a good way. For example, when my 5 - year - old daughter broke the glass just because she tried to bring me water. In that case, I ignored the full piece of glass and water splattered on the floor, I smiled happily with her love. Instead of complaining, I cleaned the floor with my lovely daughter and we had fun moments together. It was a positive action for that situation. With the problems of work and daily life I always analyze to find the cause, thereby bringing out the proper solution. It is obviously an effective method. However, in order to avoid problems that need to be solved, I always plan for everything in my life and take the initiative in every situation. Besides, I also make myself more useful by giving away. I help free young peole through start - up projects with my experience in finance, accouting and business analysis. Every day, before falling asleep or waking up every morning, I silently thanked the beautiful life for giving me many things and also giving me the oppotunities to give away.

One important thing is that you can not maintain positive thinking with a weak body. Therefore, ensuring a healthy body is very essential. Besides using healthy food, you need to workout properly. Not only taking time for work, but I also spend time for my family and studying as well as consulting time for start - up projects as talked above, so I do not have enough time to go to the gym. So I exercise in my own way. I take every chance to walk, such as: instead of using the elevator, I will take the stairs; Instead of ordering food online, I get up early, breath in fresh air and walk to the supermarket in the early morning sun. I do not hire the house helper. I do housework by myself (of course with the help of some household appliances). Doing housework makes me active and this helps me get better. 

After all, I love myself. I do not hesitate to shop for beautiful clothes, beautiful makeup and partying with real friends, self-awarded a day just to enjoy a favourite book or movie...

All of these things make me happy and nurture the positive in my thinking. That's how I practice daily to become a positive person.

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  • Indeed, it is a good picture! in its complete exposure.

  • A man of positive thinking and a man of negetive thinking

    Incident: Half glass water.

    A man of positive thinking: A glass with half of it is filled with water.

    A man of negetive thinking: A glass with half of it is not filled with water.

  • Hello, really a nice image. And I think it is taken somewhere in VN. The scooters in the street look typical. No wonder you are positive having such a view from your balcony.

  • wow vere nice take care thank you  

  • yes, I do remember.

  • @Vi Nguyen:

    "Phuong hong" song - một thời để nhớ

  • @Vi Nguyen, that is Phuong flower, the flower blooms in the summer in Viet Nam. Do you remember?

  • Thank you all for your reading. I will try more :)

  • Much better than previous one. I agree with you to some extent that physical hardship can somehow reduce stress level which may help you to control your temper. In other words, it keeps you positive ;)

  • Beautiful flowers

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