It is very important that you talk to your child.  But when do babies start talking ? Research has shown that children of parents who talked a lot to their offspring have a higher IQ than children who had little verbal contact. Read something to your baby and talk to him whenever possible. The baby language is very funny and sweet, but it is important that you speak to your baby normally and in the right sentences, because your child can only learn to speak properly if you show him how to do it correctly. Reading aloud is a very good way to promote your toddler's language development. Babies love the sound of your voice and later, if they understand the stories a little, they will enjoy them too.


If your baby has hearing problems, you can tell if your child stops chattering after about 6 months. If your baby makes no noise or makes eye contact, you should contact your pediatrician. If your child does not speak at around 15 months or you cannot understand any of the words, you should also contact your doctor.

1 - 3 months

Since your baby cannot logically speak at the beginning, he has to communicate with his parents in a different way. Therefore it screams. There are different types of screaming. For example, an energetic cry can mean that your toddler is hungry, while a more whimpered cry means that your baby needs a new diaper.


4 - 5 months

After about 4 months, your baby will start chattering and making several consecutive sounds. First words like "Baba" or "Mama" can now be heard. But even if you are enthusiastic about it, your baby does not yet connect such sounds to certain people. It is only able to do this after about 1 year. The first attempts to speak of your baby sound very uncontrolled. Most babies experiment with their tongue, palate, teeth and lips to make all kinds of funny noises. If you notice that your baby prefers certain words and repeats them often, it is because she likes to listen to them and feel them in your mouth.

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  • The parents have to be serious regaring their tolder's speaking . Sometimes it is being difficult for working parents to give time to their todler's for beign a speaking partner. But baby need his/her parent as a speaking partner. Thank you for sharing . 

  • Hey man !.. What's '' fot talking '' ????

  • Oi Pawbeak,

        Indeed, very substantial topic. I also share the opinion that parents should talk normally to thier todlers. How is a child to learn well the mother language if the adults around him babble like retarded nerds? If the kid is to learn properly the native language, then the language should be spoken to him the correct way and as often as possible. 

  • Nasilsin Pawbeak! Nice topic. Is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks. 

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