How many time have we faced homless people on the street, holding small cardboard or bowls and begging people for money? That is a touchy and hard phenomenon increasing everywhere in the world. It has become a real problem in this century, hasn't it? Nowadays, there are several different reasons why homelessness established in our society.

  One of the most frequent reason for homlessness is familial problems. It can be divorce which always leaves one of the partner without a house, or another possible reason is not being able to make ends meet, some families can barely live because one of the members, who earns the major part of money loses his job, n the same fashion as fired or going bankruptcy make people head to the street. By all means, people who don't have enough income might dirictly lead to homelessness and prevent themselves from living a normal life. In addition, people whom are likely to end up on the streets are prisoners after getting out of the jail. Having lost their families and friends because of what they commited, and eventually those people become homeless.

  Another group of factors leading to homelessness is natural disasters, such as, earthquakes, floods, strong storms and so on. Moreover, domestic accident like fire for example can destroy houses, due to the slow intervene of stakeholders. It is important to realize, that the victims of these disasters often lose their documents and important pappers such as ID and credit cards.

  In a moment those homless people can think to make end to their life, that is driving them sometimes to suicide for not living such shame. In the hope to manage this problem, still disasters (naturel and human) and familial problems are the major factors causing people to become hemeless. So, when are we going to move to put a limit to this problem?

    Is homelessness a real problem in your country?


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  • Guys thank you so much for reading my post and dropping by your nice comments, I liked all of them.

    Mishaikh, you are right, I have seen them also but it didn't surprise me, I mean it's logical. 

    Evangelina, the video is really touchy! I understand your concern. Thanks for sharing it.

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  • I do not see any in my area. But it may be many in a BIG city/ Capital City. 

    In my hometown, I see only one person in my parents village who stays and sleeps everywhere, but, he's lunatic. hehe..

    In this world, I hope people who are homeless will find a home by struggling their own life, by being helped by others, or at least there's an action being taken by government.

  • Its a very big problem in every country of third world, but I have also seen homeless people in USA, surprise.

  • Sure it is. Actually families that lost their houses, mostly because of economic problems, have increased in the last years here.

    Individually we can do very few but we can collectively pressing our governments to change their policies in this matter, in fact there has been some changes regarding to the law of the property last year.
  • homelessness is a problem in everywhere.....

  • Dear Esma, hi, long time no chat. It's a global problem. The main reason is unsafety and wars. Could you see my blog, The Wedding and give me your point of view?

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