After several busy days with routine lecture the mind and energy drain, finally the holidays arrive. My heart is very excited. Once in hometown,i want to immedietely enjoy a variety of typical fruits of Borneo. This fruit is a kind of seasonal fruit only once in a year,such as Durian and Rambutan fruits.

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  • "Tahun baru senang Depi Suratmi, Saya harap dalam 2016, kamu akan teman dan guru saya. I hope to be your friend."

  • Happy Holiday Depi!

  • I can feel your excitement as we are both on the same situation.  Holiday vacation is a good respite from a tedious job.  We need it to regain our health, refresh our minds and revive our energy.

    I really can't stand the smell of durian, much more eat the fruit itself. There's something in it that makes me feel vomiting.  I just don't know why.  Anyway, some say that its fruit is very delicious.

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