Heredity, Effort and Will

Here is Sam's Writing Challenge no. 1Question--- It is generally believed that some people are born with certain talents, for instance for sports or music, & others are not. However, it is sometimes claimed that any child can be taught to become a good sports person or musician.Discuss both these views & give your own opinion.

Brain Cells:


Heredity, Effort and Will

I must say that while it is true for some people born natural talents to be great in music, sports or any faculty they chose, I believe that any men can develop a talent as great as the natural born people have. It is all depends on a person's effort and persistence on how much or how far he wants to go in developing his talent. And most importantly on how he turns his mind, will and power to be what he wants to be. It is true that some inherit a certain characteristic of a brain. They have a certain portion of the brain that because they have it naturally they can easily use it whenever they want. The brain cells that work for turning a talent to show outwardly. But it is not true that heredity alone decides on what station man's in life can be. All men has the capacity to use his own will power to do what he wants to do in his life. By his will and persistence, he can develop a certain parts of the brain where the brain cells can be excited and multiplied indefinitely, thus highly activating them through continuous focus, for the requirements of developing whatever talents he desires to develop. All in all, we can say that even though you are not born with a certain talent, you can still be great in whatever you desire by turning your whole being, your whole will power in developing this talent. One should remember that there are those who have acquired talents by heredity but also it is not impossible to obtain talents by one's own persisting efforts. In fact, inherited talent is useless without persisting effort to use it and the desire to develop it into its full potential.

*Dear EC friends,If there are any grammatical error in my writing, please check it for me. I would be gladly be corrected..

Thank you so much,


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  • Hello Mayumi,

    Long time back in my academics, I read Evolution theory by Charles Darwin and Le Mark.

    Le Mark is best known for The Inheritance Theory of Acquired Characteristics:

    If an organism changes during life in order to adapt to its environment, those changes are passed on to its offspring.He said that change is made by what the organisms want or need. For example, Lamarck believed that elephants all used to have short trunks. When there was no food or water that they could reach with their short trunks, they stretched their trunks to reach the water and branches, and their offspring inherited long trunks. Lamarck also said that body parts that are not being used, such as the human appendix and little toes are gradually disappearing. Eventually, people will be born without these parts. Lamarck also believed that evolution happens according to a predetermined plan and that the results have already been decided.

    Darwin Theory:

    Darwin believed that the desires of animals have nothing to do with how they evolve, and that changes in an organism during its life do not affect the evolution of the species. He said that organisms, even of the same species, are all different and that those which happen to have variations that help them to survive in their environments survive and have more offspring. The offspring are born with their parents' helpful traits, and as they reproduce, individuals with that trait make up more of the population.

    But Darwin Theory supported by lots of evidence and denied Le Mark theory.

    He proved this by two majors experimentations.

    1. changes that occur in an animal during life are not passed on to the animal's offspring. If a dog's ears are cropped short, its puppies are still born with long ears. If someone exercises every day, runs marathons, eats well, and is generally very healthy, the fitness is not passed on and the person's children still have to work just as hard to get that fit and healthy. 

    2. By studying the genetics. Darwin knew that traits are passed on, but he never understood how they are passed on. During the time when Darwin's first book first came out, Gregor Mendel, who discovered genetics, was just starting his experiments. However, now we know a lot more about genetics, and we know that the only way for traits to be passed on is through genes, and that genes can not be affected by the outside world. The only thing that can be affected is which gene sets there are in a population, and this is determined by which individuals die and which ones live. This is the other way that we have learned that the fruits of an animal's efforts can not be inherited by its offspring.

    Ok, now we understand why these theories talks about man only and not woman. Because Practice Makes a Man perfect. Woman do not have to worries as they born with perfectionism. 

    We still needs to work hard, Just wake up and work hard. :D


  • I beleive in talent, some people are very gifted for something, even at a very early age, and nobody knows why. Look at Mozart who wrote his first piece of music when he was around 5 years old.  Inherence plays a role but it's not enough to make someone very good at something, hard work is necessary.

    I am part of those who also think that any children can be taught to become good, even very good at anything, AS LONG AS THEY LIKE IT. 

    Thanks for this interesting topic dear Mayumi.

  • Hello JCL,

    Long time no see!...Boy, thanks for commenting.
    I don't know Howard Garner. But I believe that multiple intelligence can be really true. Human mind is capable of anything. It doesn't have boundaries. I remember Napoleon's Hills words, "What ever mind conceive and believe, it can achieve". So it can be really true since we can have what ever our mind can conceive...
  • Well nice topic girl.
    Yeah you can say that again.
    Howard Garner also postulated on the existence of the theory called multiple inteligence. One may only acquire certain skills while others can acquire two and more.
  • Hello James,

    Thanks for spending time here to give your broad opinion regarding this topic. Yes, there are some forced to give up their talent because of the circumstances in their lives. And there are some also that they don't even know that they have a talent and so tried the wrong one for them. Maybe because in the very beginning they don't know what they like and which way they like to pursue. Lucky are those who, while still young know what they want in their lives and so dedicated their all effort for promoting it to be successful on their chosen field..

    'till next time,
  • Hi, Mayumee!
    In comparison, we've often seen some talented people of our surroundings, who would have had successful lives because of their recognized talents as they were encouraged for their efforts and tried so hard all the way, especially playing instuments, painting, invention, repairing, computing, bilingualism, eloquence & so on, but we've also seen many people who wasted their talents as they were unduly stubborn, or because they didn't like being forced by their parents. Some of them would have subbornly given up their talents with no reason, but have chosen the unwanted one instead, then they would have greatly regreted later as they are grown up, which would be too late, but they don't even know that these talents are their properties in life.
  • Hello Thrang,

    Thank you for commenting here. and thanks for the encouraging words.
  • Hello Serene,

    Thanks for your comment. Yeah natural talent gives a plus to some people who have it. But to some people who don't have it still can succeed by turning their own will to develop themselves what ever they want to be..
  • Hello Expector,

    Thank you dear Expector. This topic was a challenge for me cos as you said it is a complicated subject. One member friend Sam gave us writing challenge and this was the topic. At first I hesitated to write it 'cos I thought I couldn't write something like this..But thanks for the help of our friend James Shin. He helped me to get through on some ideas for it.

    And about your friend who has a natural talent. Wow! He doesn't really like to draw but still he can draw skillfully. That's really a natural talent. What more he can be if he really likes to draw. Maybe he could be one of the great artist in the world if he only likes it and put more effort into it.

    Thanks again Expector,
  • You did a good job. It's great! Keep it up!
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