Hello, EC family!

Hello EC family. How've you been? 

I'm here after such a long time. I was busy with my job but to be honest not actually with my job, with something in my personal life which led me to a halt in my life. But I'm doing well now and I thought of coming here and just talk to you guys.Well I also tried to write few days ago but couldn't write. But I guess today I'm in a good mood to write.


Let just talk about our quarantine schedule. Well, I live in India and here the lockdown has been extended till 3rd May. This quarantine has made me more of a depressed person. If I were at my office these days I would be asking for a break but now when I've gotten the break from my office. I'm not able to make the most out of it. Don't they say that we need only 21 days to build a habit. And I've made one habit during this lockdown, of sleeping late and then getting up late in the morning. This is not something to be proud of. :D

There are times when I try to be productive. At these times I study or watch some useful videos on YouTube.


Why don't you gus tell me where are you from? What is your schedule and how it is affecting you? If you have any suggestion to give, please share it with me. There's one more thing that I want to  know, how the citizen of your country treating doctors? Are there any cases of mistreatment with doctors or those in health sectors? 

I wish that we all together fight this pandemic and come out as winner. Stay safe everyone. My love and prayers to you and your loved  ones. <3


PS: Kindly point out my mistakes. Thanks!

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  • Koy baat nahi Manisha. We have our own circumstances. Welcome back, my respected lady. 

  • After a long recess, I have become somewhat regular in EC. This site has got really some good impression in my life. Lately I have got some new friends here, and they are amusing me. However, I have liking for this lockdown, I wish if this lockdown last for another few months. 


  • Mahfooth Rabu, Mishaikh sahib! Dear Mr. Mishaikh, I hope with the coming of Ramadan, Covid-19 will move away from the world. I am from Sudan, but I work here in Saudi Arabia. The lockdown is terrible. We pray inside our houses. I have faith in God, before the end of this holy month, the pandemic will vanish by His power. For each disease, there is a drug.  Of course, you know that Hadeeth. The technicians and scientists all over the world are doing hard to discover some vaccine or medication for the damned virus. 

    The main problem is patent, each country or community wants that privilege. I hope we forget our selfishness and work together to battle this deadly microscopic virus. The longer these differences are there, the longer we stay at home and you know the other consequences of the economy. Again, Mr. Mishaikh, let's all ask Allah to wipe this virus from us. I do not count on those laboratory people very much. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Hello, I totally agree with you. This is time when every one should come together. Thank you for your comment and stay safe :)

    • I read that patent won't be granted to anyone (?).

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    • Thank you :) This place is really special. To found English Club was the best thing that happened with me. 

  • In USA (Baltimore), it is not a lockdown, but everything, all the business centers, restaurants, only making home deliveries, cinemas, club, ( all kinds of) are closed, even bars and pubs are closed, (surprised). Only grocery stores and malls are opened, but they conrol if there is any huge crowd. I see people outside jagging in the morning and evening. I am a Muslim, but offering my prayers at home, even in Ramadhan. Mosques, churches, and praying centers of other communities are closed. 

    How long it will go, Allah knows. Protesters came out in other states, but they only increased the positve cases. 

    • Thank you for your comment and stay safe. Hope the situation gets better soon.

  • Pardon! I actually laughed when I started reading the second paragraph. You can efficiently utilize the remaining days honing and building skills. Additionally, now is the time to explore your hobbies. I noticed a mistake or two. However I am not a grammar Nazi so I won't be correcting. Peace 🕊️☮️

    • Thanks for taking your time to read this and leave a comment. I'm trying to utilise my time. :)

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