Heat of love

The train is moving fast.

The heat of love increases.

Try to be happy in your love.

If that love is too much for you, do not surrender

your heart to the days' behaviors.

Because the train is moving fast.

Love exists in the world, from eons past.

Stars twinkle at night, and darkness likes light.  

birds love each other,   

There is a beautiful song in the garden,

 Our nightly encounters were nice.

gentle and peaceful whispers.

That train is still moving fast.

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    • Spasibo Augustina, because you are beautiful. Thanks for your nice words.

  •        The poem touched my heart in somehow. Although, to be honest with you, my words trapped inside me to the point it is difficult to be carried into comment. God bless you my friend.

    • Wa baadeen maak ya ustatha Sewar! I am flattered. I really appreciate the nice words and feelings. It means that you are a sensitive person. God bless those feelings of yours. Thanks again for your nice comment.

  • Khaili khob Muhammad, thanks for pressing the like button.

  • Hi,Dara, it is a very romantic poem. You are always a good poet.

    • Kunichiwa Tam! Thanks for your nice comment. I really appreciate it.


  •   People in long journeies mediate  a lot . It is a great chance to come up with new and pure thoughts  and your poem is one of them . 

              Beautiful 👍

    • Amshi fain ya Rosemary min halkalam alhilu! Your nice and sweet words encourage me a lot. Thanks for your nice comment.

  • Beautifully expressed.

    • Bahut Bahut shukiya Mishaikh janab. Thanks for your nice comment. 

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