Healthy food habits - for a healthy living

I am always interested in the subject 'healthy living'. In the present world scenario we are all living in a polluted and a chemical bound atmosphere. All the natural resources are being polluted and nobody is worried about the Nexgen.

I have come through a lot of families wherein the food habits have changed a lot. The nutritional elements like vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc. are missing in their intake. New diseases have come in and the intake of medicines (chemicals) at regular intervals becomes a habit which makes a human body weak from inner resistance. The optimal health is the need of the hour as of now. The four pillars like intake of nutritional food, proper rest (6-7 hours), regular exercise and positive mental attitude must be taught to every child in their school curriculum. The government should make awareness programs through media and educate the parents about the importance of nutritional value. Naturally grown fruits and vegetables must be consumed in place of of ready-made food-mix, junk foods etc.

The children must be educated to know the value of nutritious food and it is the responsibility of a parent / teacher to guide the children to follow healthy food habits. There is a dire need to this cause to save the future generation from any health hazard.

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  • You are wright Anne. When things are going smooth people will not bother about anything (even knowing the right habits) and when the Doctor suggests for a nutritional food to be healthy they realize its importance.  

    Thanks for your comment!  You can even correct my English, of course.

  • Some people are hardheaded that they tend to start changing their lifestyle habit only after being inflicted with a serious disease.  While nothing has gone wrong with their bodies, they continue to lavish in the thought that all foods are nutritious and acceptable.

    I am sure that you are practising a good eating habit at home.

    Cheers to your health, Gopal!

  • Thanks to Nassif, Perezosa and Pixary for going through and responding to my blog

  • Hello Gopal

    thank you for your nice blog 

    good habits lead to good life . we should learn the healthy habits in food to live healthy life. 

  • You're right. Nowadays people are eating too much processed and fast foods which are not healthy at all.

  • I agree with you. One of my 2015 resolutions is to live more healthily: excercise more and take less medicines. But currently I still have to take medicine every day T_T

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