Although most people try to avoid it , stress is not a completely negative thing . just think without stress at work , many people might not get anything done !
Driving in traffic creates stress , but this stress triggers quick reactions and helps us to avoid accidents.
Do you have a healthy lifestyle ?what things do you do regularly to keep yourself healthy ?
What do you do to manage your stress ?
Stress only becomes a problem when we are overstress –when the pressure we feel is greater than our ability to cope with it . the feeling of being overwhelmed by stress often occurs when several stresses combine . overstress can also result from major stresses , such as losing loved one or being in disaster like an earthquake or a hurricane .

Now there are three key things that can help you to deal with stress more effectively . listening to your body ; developing a repertoire of coping strategies ;and keeping balance in your life .

What are some of the things in your daily life that cause stress ?
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  • Hey dear friend , come on , i'm hate stress like you but sometimes it is necessary , little by little that is one of the reasons improve ourselves self confidence yeah , for example when i have a lecture in the class or other times special for exam so i have stress a lot , it is phenomenal of course for some people , i don't know why ?
    in fact our bodies give us signals when we are under intense stress.
    we get sore shoulders,heeadches , or we feel moody , tired , angry , or
    nervous. it's important to pay attention to these signals . because they warn us to do s.thing about our stress level .
    everyone has routaines or other things they do to ease their stress ,some
    people give themselves positive reinforcement through positive thinking , saying things like '' i'm here to solve it '' or ''i know i can do this '' others use
    breathing or relaxation techniques , do yoga like you , take walks ,or do exercises to help themselves relax .anyway it is imoprtant to realize that you can never
    eliminate stress from your life completely . But if you listen to your body,
    develop coping startegies , and maintain a balance between work and
    leisure , you'll learn to make stress work for you instead of falling victim to it. now would you like tell me about yourself go to gym ?do you think it was effective for you ? please tell me untill i use your expriences !
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