He is indeed magician!

A lot of people have been arguing to pick who is the best footballer between Ronaldo and Messi. They always compare these players with anything they see in their version as a complete footballer, while every player has its uniqueness and each of them is different. Almost all of the football fans around the world have agreed that these players are exceptional, but it's yet as clear as to decide the best one. Messi has been collected 4 Ballon d'or trophies until this year, in the meanwhile Ronaldo has only one trophy, still the numbers of trophies can't decide which is the best of them. Many romours among this very prestigious award as some of them said it was like a conspiracy between FIFA and Barcelona's side which affected the selection, while it reamins unclear till now. I'm not going to talk about this but, as you will see above, we can admit that Messi is one of the greatest player ever lived. Truly magician! 

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  • Yes he is!! He has a gift which allows him to dribble more easily than anyone I had seen

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