Hard work verses Smart work

We usually come across two types of people in any working place.  Some of them work very hard and will not be recognized for their hard work and sincere efforts.  Others who may not be working very hard, but will get very good reputation and get promoted every year because they tend to be very smart.  This is otherwise called "survival of the fittest".

It's said that anyone who wants to grow steadily in the corporate should be smart enough to adjust and to act according to the situation. The smartness is required, but at the same time should not ignore or escape from the assigned goals. Some of them who will showcase the talents of others as is of theirs and will get recognized (other wise called credit thief).    I feel that the hard working people with lots of talents and skills are ignored in most of the occasions because of their attitude i.e. not able to expose / showcase their talents. 

The management should identify those people who are very sincere, hardworking and not able to showcase their talents (introvert) by imparting proper training / recognition to them. 







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  • Thanks Thanh for your feed back and I agree with you that the challenge is for the leader to understand all his subordinates and to create a healthy environment!

  • Thanks Mishaikh, Jerry Luo

  •  I think hard working people don't like show their talent so much  and they often work in silence. But, the boss like people are talkative, so-called good communication skill. The hard working people also are envied by other people. I think this is challenge for manager to creat good enviroment for hard working people develop their working. My English isn't good. So, maybe I have some mistakes when writing. I hope you guys empathy and point out those mistakes for me. I'm glad to know all you. Have a good night !

  • The hard working do not mean a better reply, but if you don't work hard your boss might be unpleasant with you. So this is the reality.

  • What you've written Gopal, is my personal experience. It is a dilemma of a society, every society. Sometimes I feel dejected and helpless!

  • Thanks for your comment noaslpls

  • It's the nature of office environment that sometimes a hardworking worker will be discriminated against. The crux of the matter is that sometimes Bosses need to be surrounded by 'Yes man'.

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