Rose Iris

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  • Happy New Year Rose! Keep in touch!

    • Thanks, Glosky. Same to you.

      • Dont leave EC Rose. Maybe members like us were just busy with our lives right now. Just stop for a while and visit when you feel like it. Just like what im doing. We need you here ❤

  • Dear, sorry to hear that you are about to leave this site! You know many people will miss you and your writing. Anyway I am busy here and that is why I am not active too but I want to be here from time to time. So please keep visiting.

    Have a nice weekend.

  • Hi, Happy new year. And, I hope you are doing well, dear Rose. There is not socold this year, right?

    • Hi, dear bet.

      Thanks for asking, I am doing good. I am thinking about leaving MyEC because this site is not the same anymore. Maybe, I am going to visit this site from time to time to see what is going on, but I'll stop being active. 

      Speaking about the weather, it's not cold here, you are right. Actually, it's too warm for the Winter season. And snow is missing.

      Have a nice weekend ahead.

  • Thanks a lot, Onee-chan.

  • Wish you a wonderful year, Rose! 

  • Happy new year Rose.

    • Thanks a lot, tawfeeq. That's so kind of you.

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