Happy Halloween

hi dears!

good after noon for all my friends i want inform you a bout Happy  Halloween i studied a bout Happy Halloween in a site.

that was very interesting  then I decided share with friends due to its our responsibility .

Here are some fun facts about Halloween: Did you know that Halloween was originally brought to North America by European immigrants? These immigrants would celebrate the fall harvest by gathering around a fire, telling ghost stories, singing, dancing, and telling fortunes. The idea of the Jack o’ Lantern (carved pumpkin with a candle inside) came from ancient Ireland? During one festival, the ancient Irish would put candles inside of turnips (a type of round vegetable). They believed the light inside the turnips would keep ghosts and spirits away. About two billion dollars ($2,000,000,000) of Halloween candy is sold in the United States Each year! The best-selling Halloween candy is the chocolate Snickers bar. For more fun facts, click on the link below: http://www.halloween-website.com/trivia.htm

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