Happy circle

Dream, hope, plan, action, result, reflection, progress and notion make a cycle. I call this cycle " Happy circle".First, visualize your dream. The dream brings you hope. When you have hope, make a plan for it. Then take action. After that, the result will appear. Think about the result and reflect on it to improve. If you follow the reflection and take action, you will progress and have a new notion to enhance your quality of life. And then, you can visualize your new dream.It's kind of positive feedback loop.If you admit this reasoning, you can be happy. Needless to say, it might be tough for you to think like this, but please give it a try.
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  • i totally agree, in spanish use the expresion "el que la sigue la consigue"

  • I'd call this 'positive thinking'. And yeah, this is very helpful to keep motivated and reach your goals.

    About that 'you can be happy', that's another thing. Happiness it's just a state of mind. Whether things go well or badly around you, it shouldn't affect to your happiness, because happiness is not a 'mood'.

    Well, that's at least how I see it. Thanks for so fresh and nice blog post! :)

  • hi
  • This happy circle needs an important factor to make them.all work and that is perseverance and determination. Thanks for your nice post.
  • It doesn't hurt to live positively, so why not do so? Thanks for the good reminder! :)

  • Inspirational and positive attitude. I'm trying :)
  • Very good blog and beautiful thoughts.
    Hallo Mishaikh don't ask unnecessary questions Hah hah Haaa just kidding :-D
  • What if the result of action is not affirmative?

  • Konichiwa Ku, anigato! I want to be happy if you become my friend!

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