Аnd there was a May. And there was a morning. Flowers blossomed, only Mari was sad. There was no happiness. She was lonely and all the time cried. Also there lived in the village a magician to whom she went to find happiness. The magician presented her an amulet and told: - In some kingdom, in some state in a dark forest,at the blue river has a stone where it is necessary to enclose an amulet and there will be to you a happiness, and there will be no you alone. The stone is protected by the angry sorcerer who captured a bird of Happiness, release her and there will be a happiness everything. Here to you a ball not to get lost. Also remember the main balance of soul. Mari left from the magician and went to look for happiness, but the rage on the sorcerer took her heart. She reflected. - So it is impossible, it is necessary calm down-told herself. Likely the sorcerer is unfortunate therefore captured a bird, it is necessary to give him love and riches, then he will be happy and will release a bird of Happiness. There was she on the wood and quietly looked under feet. It reached composure. Also she noticed a hummock. She looked and found a pot with coins. She was delighted , put in a bag and went further. And here she wanted to eat. But is there was nothing. She was upset for hunger and lost balance again. I thought after and speaks to herself: - It is necessary to calm down, all before me. I gathered wild strawberry and ate. Again having found balance went further and came across an edge with a lodge in which there lived young Bab-yaga. She the shared a grief with her and took her with herself. Telling beautiful words about the sorcerer. Whether long shortly they went they and came across a stone beside the sorcerer's kingdom. Mari inserted an amulet and felt pleasure, now it was necessary to meet the sorcerer. Having got into the sorcerer's lock through a vort, they got to his rooms. The sorcerer was gloomy and sat in a chair. - Why came, stay the uninvited. - Brought to a happiness to your house - Mari answered. The Baba-yaga fixedly looked in the face to the sorcerer. - Yes, it is amusing, it is interesting the sorcerer answered. - Here take coins - Mari told. - Thanks. Meanwhile the Baba - Yaga started talking and he fell in love with her. The happiness touched his heart. - Well dear visitors that you wish. - Release all the captives - guests asked. Also set a bird of Happiness free and there was a prince. Mari shuddered. Heart jammed. - Here it is my happiness - she told herself and smiled. Also there was a feast in a kingdom and there were two weddings. And I was there, drink beer of saws and good luck to all wished. And the happiness was everything both small and great. Happiness and to you!

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