What is the definition of happiness? Is it transient? I am trying to get answer above those question. But I have not got any perfect answer yet. Sometimes I feel if I can fulfill my fundamental needs then I am happy. But when I go out of my room I feel I am not happy because I feel I have not got something that I want from my heart. In this sense I am not happy. But when I think very simple way, I feel that I am happy.when I think that life is lived so I should be happy which i have already got. Actually I don't know what I want from my heart and I will be happy. Is that happen with all people?I want to lead my life very simple way.I know that nobody is happy of one's own position. But I forget it. I think it's our inherent habit. Actually there is no limitation of crisis. I want to give a open challenge is there anyone in EC who has never face this kind of problems?
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  • Kimon acho Asit vai. Aslee khuhee baatne mai hain. Happiness is health, money, and power. Thanks for sharing. 

  • Thanks icha for your analysis.
  • Hi Asit,

    I ever posted about the happiness topic also in the past, but in different style. If your first question addressed to me particularly I would answer "yes, it is". Our emotion is up and down often times. It depends on the circumtances around us or the problem we face at that time and so on, actually so many factors cause our emotion is up and down. Thus, it makes a happiness is precious thing and sometimes we think we can not reach it. 

    It is an endless topic to discuss and always an interesting topic as well. One thing that I want to emphasize that happiness is our choice that there is no one can choose to us. So, there is always options to be happy when we face a hard problem as long as we can think positively. It is not easy enough to be done but we can give it try. 

    Thanks to share your thoughts about it with us.

  • I agree with u tantan. We should always be positive
  • i believe no one in this world can feel happy all the time, sometime we feel happy and then sad and then happy again, i think it's natural. God give this gift to all human being.
    Then our task is how to maintance our feel so that we always be positive, and i think one of them is how to change our point of view so that we just see all case in the positive view, and i think by this way we can show our gratefull to our creator, and as the result if we gratefull everything will come as a happines.

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  • Happiness is a state of mind.

    To keep that 'state of mind' sometimes you need a lot of: "not to give a sh*t" and a bit of:


  • what is happiness!when someone smiles because of me,it makes me happy.when somebody cares me, i feel happy.When i get what i needed it makes me happy.HAPPINESS is combination of some work and some happy moment which make us to forget our hardship for some time, i think. actually we can make ourselves happy with many things which we already have and which we are able to achieve.but we want those which we can't. As a result,we are unhappy.It's happen with us all the time.

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