Handwriting Speaks - - - Is it True???

Hi Everyone....

As everybody (Except few Members, I am eager to see their Handwriting.. ^_^) have participated in Handwriting challenge started by Luci.. I really enjoyed and like handwriting of everyone and I am also Happy to see just a blink of real( of Everyone)..

So all must know little bit, that handwriting tell somehow about person's personality... below given detail...

So How much given detail tells about You correctly. So what your handwriting tell about you????

How much is this True that Handwriting tells about a person's Personality..You can tell in percentage???

It will be really fun...


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  • #Fitma:

    thanks for Stopping by.. ^_^

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  • #Coral:

    I am Glad, you found this Blog useful.,,,:)


    This is not telling you about your future dear.. this is just showing you what kind of nature you have..:)

    I really don't believe judging future by palm reading.. "those who have no hands have also future" Right.. But above is only character, habits a person have.. for only fun.. ^_^

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  • #Lone Wolf:

    yeah, sometime its seems true.. but I have different Handwriting so for me I can't say anything..


    Agree with you, yeah you should compare your handwriting with this above detail.. ^_^

    thanks for Your comment..

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  • Thx for your information...

  • I don't believe this as much my mom said who is not hand writing written well their life be too good.

  • Hi Elf

    Thanks for sharing, it's informative and interesting.

    I discover many things about my personality :)

  • Dear Elf!! That’s so informative! Next time I travel to an English speaking country, I can rent a house and start a small business like fortunetelling based on your blog. Haha. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • 2643762915?profile=original

    Thank You ELF-Noor.

    Thinking whether I am sensitive or not! :) All others seem true!

  • #Dearest Eva:

    It is not closing or end of Luci's Handwriitng challenge.. as many members have not participated yet.. Luci's challenge can't be close with out having all active members participation..:) 

    Thanks for appreciation..^_^

    have a nice day.. 

    #Dear Adaline:


    God Bless you..^-^

  • #Lone Wolf :

    WOW, Your Handwriting is so stylish, I really like it.. 

    Your Handwriting says that

    You are open minded, introvert, sensitive too, you try to new experience, yor are organized in what you say, dislike to delay in anything..Is it true.???

    #Dear Kal:

    You handwriting is quite good, It is good to improve more and more but I think you don't need... I think you are right, our handwriting can't tell us 100 % correct somehow it is true..  I have many handwriting style so my each handwriting shows different characteristic and all characteristic are not true.. 

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