Hajj (pilgrimage) 1445H - 2024

Hajj (pilgrimage) 1445H - 2024


About five days to go and we are in Hajj. What is Hajj? Hajj (pilgrimage) is the fifth pillar of Islam. People come from all over the world to perform Hajj in Mecca. They start on the eighth day of the month of Zulhijjah which is called Irrigation Day. At dawn they leave Mecca for the mountain of mercy, to stand for the Arafa Day. It is the great day of Hajj. People stand there and ask Allah for forgiveness.

Before sunset, they move to Muzdalifa, another ritual place of Hajj. They collect stones and proceed to Mina on the next day. They stay on Mina for three days throwing the stones at Jamarat, and then they go to make Tawaf Alifada (circling the Kaaba seven times).  

Some of them come back to slaughter their sacrifices for God, others cut or shorten their hair. They stay in Mina for three days. For those on a hurry, they stay for two days. They make Tawaf Alwadaa, (Goodbye Tawaf) and then leave for their countries. Please, for more details visit my page about Hajj.


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