Hajj part 4

"That is not an excuse sister, the person should know about his religion and how to carry out what is required from him or her." Hammed said this with sorrow. His brother in law was embarrassed but he said quickly, "I will learn. My father died and left me this restaurant and I dedicated my whole life to it. It is not for the Moroccan meals and the Moroccan people, but the Americans come to eat in it as well. They like the Kuskusi, (a famous Moroccan meal).   I made a fortune from it, but it is not too late to learn. Tell me Hammed, what do we do at the mount of Arafat?"

"Arafa and what do you know about Arafa! People combined both Duhur and Assr prayers and shorten them to two rakah for each one. They ask Allah for forgiveness and continue to do thikr. Allah the almighty says why these people are here? They want forgiveness! His angels are witnessing the scene, and then the almighty says, ((I forgive them)). He is proud of that situation in front of His angels. The devil is seen as the smallest and the most despicable in that day."

"And then what? Asked Fadil.

Before sunset the pilgrims will move to Muzdaliffa where they pray Magrib (dusk), and Ishaa combined and shortened. Of course, here you must collect the stones for yourself and Fatimah to represent her in the throwing of the stones at the place of throwing Jamarat at satin. We will sleep in that area of Muzdaliffa, pray dawn prayer at the sacred rite of Muzdaliffa and after that we will proceed to Muna."

"Our Hajj is over?" Fadil asked him.

"No, not yet. You will go and throw the first Jamarah with seven stones. It is called the greatest Jamarah or (the greatest obstacle stone). For yourself and for her." He looked at the foot of his sister in silence. Tears came to his eyes and he began to cry. His sister ran toward him hugging him and saying,

"Tidak apa apa."   

"It was my fault Fatimah, I will never forget it, I shouldav." He numbed to her.

"It was an accident. I am ok now." His sister comforted him. They were playing when he suddenly pushed his sister from the balcony and she fell from the second floor and broke her leg. "Hammed, it is ok now."

"Please continue Hammed, after throwing the greatest stone, then what?" Said Fadil impatiently.

Hammed was drying his tears and he was smiling. He said, "Then you start throwing the middle Jamrah, also with seven stones, and do likewise with the small Jamrah.  You can make Tawaf al ifaddah in Makkah. Then you come back again to Muna  for your sacrifice and cutting of your hair, nails and continue throwing of the stones for the rest of Tahreeg (sunrise) days.  By the way, you can sleep with your wife if you do that Fadil." His brother in law was shy and he changed the subject quickly by asking this,  

"Tawaf alifaddah is like Tawaf algudum, I mean, do we do the same performance. You forgot to tell me what we should do while performing Tawaf and Saaii!"

Hammed replied, "You start from the black stone to your left and saying duaa and thikr of Allah."

You make duaa and supplication to Allah, like Allahu akbar (Allah is great praise and thanks to Allah), and ask Him what you want. There are many supplications by our prophet Mohammad, (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Remember Fadil, we are in the tenth day of Thulhijjah. We will stay in Mina for three days. They are called days of tashreeg (sunrise) in Muna. If you are in a hurry to come back to your  restaurant, you can leave on the twelfth. After performing Tawaf al wadaa ( goodbye ).

"How many Tawafs do I have to perform? I also noticed that you say Muna and sometimes, you say Mina." Asked Fadil.

"Both are correct. The word Muna means wish." Replied Hammed. Fadil was happy and he said, "Now after that I will come back home without any sins, and by the will of God, I will enter paradise. My goodness, let's do it Fatimah, let's do it"

To be continued…..

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