Hajj and the hard time, Arafa Day


We are on the ninth of Thulhijjah. This is called Arafa Day. It is the great day of Hajj. According to Hadeeth by Prophet Muhammad, "peace and blessings of Allah be upon him" (Hajj is Arafa). Early in the morning of this day, crowds of pilgrims move to the mount of mercy. They gather there to make their ritual supplication. This year, Arafa day is different. The Saudi authorities have enforced strict social distancing rules and employed contact tracing technology.

 It is including all the travel, meals, housing, healthcare expenses of the admitted pilgrims for this season of COVID-19.  Of course, all the pilgrims are from inside the kingdom. the rate of the residents is 70% and the rate of the citizens is 30%. Let's go back to Arafa Day, Pilgrims make their duaa (supplication) to Allah to forgive them and save them from the fire of hell. Allah comes down every night to forgive and reward but on Arafa Day, He comes during the day time of Arafa.

 He said to his angels, ((what do these people want?)) they answer Him that they came to seek His forgiveness Then He would let them testify that He has forgiven them. and their necks are freed from fire.  For us here at home, we fast this day to repent the sins of the previous year and the next. Meaning to say, fasting on Arafa day, repents the sins of two years.

I am fasting now, may Allah accept our worship (ibadah). For more details on Arafat Day, see my previous blogs on Arafa Day.

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