Hajj 2015 (c)

Arafa day this is the day of Hajj. After dawn prayer , pilgrims begin their journey to Arafa's mountain. It's called the mountain of mercy. The recitation of talbia is stopped here. The haji can start his duaa and ask the Almighty whatever he wants. The supplication, invocation, each one is eager and in the state of absolute obedience. Millions of these pilgrims keep on doing so, God, the almighty says, ((what do my slaves want?)) Of course, He knows and He says to his angles, ((I forgave them, you witness that )). Imagine that situation, before sunset, more than three million haji will be forgiven. As the first time their mothers gave birth to them. On their journey to Muzdalifa rite before sunset, pilgrims will stay the night collecting pebbles and making duaa. At dawn, they will move to Muna throwing their stones and cutting or shortening their heads. Some of them go to Mecca for Ifada Tawaf , others throw their stones and make their sacrifices. (See my blog, Hajj for more details )
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  • Teskkur ederim arkadism, Farroq. Can you see The Wedding and give me your view about it? Thanks for your comment on Hajj 2015.

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  • Your blog it's nice my friend

  • Terima kasih banyak Diny. Kalau kamu injin Hajj, saya akan bantu kamu. Maksud saya, wang dan everything. Welcome Diny!

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