Hajj 1440 -2019


Hajj starts today. What is the meaning of Hajj? Generally, Hajj (pilgrimage) means to intend to meet something holy and great. In Islam, Hajj means going to Mecca to perform the fifth pillar of Islam during certain days of the month of the Thulhijjah. Today is the first day of Hajj. It is called irrigation or watering day.

Tomorrow which is the ninth of The month of Thulhijjah is the great day of Hajj. It is also called Arafa Day. Pilgrims after combining and shortening (Duhur and Asr) prayers go to the mountain of Arafa. The mercy mountain. They make supplication and ask Allah for forgiveness, and before sunset, pilgrims must leave Arafa area to proceed for Muzdalifah area.

They continue their supplication and stay the night there. Those who do not perform Hajj fast on this day. Its fasting wipe the sins of last year and the coming one. At dawn, the pilgrims start their journey to the Area of Mina. That would be on the tenth day of Thulhijjah.

At ritual Mina, they continue their sacred journey by throwing the stones at Jamarat. The place of Satan. Then they cut or  shorten their hair. And trim protruding nails at their fingers. Some of them slaughter their (Udhiya) sheep, cows or camels, others go to Mecca to perform Ifada tawaf (circling the house of Allah seven times).

 They stay three days In Mina area and  perform goodbye tawaf and go back to their countries. Some pilgrims stay two days, they are hasty to go back to their places.

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  • Happy hajj to all brothers. I hv feeling to say so many good things but don't get so much words. So enough from me. Happy to this auspicious festival.

    • Bahut bahut shukriya Viral! You are a kind person. I am really glad to be one of your friends. It is true, in that annual conference, pilgrims benefit different kinds of things. Getting to know one another is one thing and making deals and companies can make big contracts. Thanks, Viral for your nice and sincere comment. 

  • Shorkran bizzaf Zora! Thanks for pressing the like button.

  • good. hope you will get good (mabrur) hajj

    • Terima kaish banyak Sahrul Syah! How is your respected family? I hope you are doing good. Thanks for your nice wishes. 

  • It is always good to know about different cultures. Thank you, Mr. Dara, for sharing this information here. It was interesting to read. And Happy Holidays )))

    • Privyet O.M. Thanks, my dear good friend for your nice words. As you mentioned, it is our duty to show some light on the issue. Also, thanks for wishing me a happy holiday. 

  • Dear All, I would like to plead on behalf of Mr. dara that please consider this blog of dara as mere informative.  He (dara) does not mean any kind of religious preaching.  Since the pilgrim of Hajj has always been an astonishing aspect, around 3 million people performing the rituals at a single assigned time is always surprising for all, so they want to know how it happens. That what Mr. dara intend to provide some knowledge about the performing of hujj. I wold like to give a brief account happened with a person, who narrated it in social media.

    At the time one of the prayers during hujj, the narrator was visited by one of his friends at home.  They were watching the this live on TV.  He (the narrator) asked his foreigner non-Muslim friend, whether he could assess the time this crowd of 3 million prayers would take to set themselves in lines (circular lines)? The guest said, it should take hours for this huge crowd to set themselves.  The Host smile, and asked "watch".  The imam of the Kaaba came to lead the prayer, and a word in Arabic Ustauu" (Please be set in lines). And to the very surprised of the onlooker all the 3 million prayerers set themselves in circular lines within few secocnds. 

    This is one of the surprises which outsides might be interested to know about the hajj, and this is the intention of Mr. dara to provide information as much as possible.  I would also like to draw your kind attention, sometimes in 90s an Australian journalist became Muslim just to experience the hujj rituals.  You can find her on Youtube.


    • Bahut bahut shukriya Mishaikh janab! What would I do without your assistance? Thanks to Allah, I have a real true friend. I can say that from inside and outside. Ladies and gentlemen, I have never met or seen the great blogger. I only know him by his outstanding pen and honest feelings. 

      As the saying goes, (you know the letter by its address). I wonder if this true nowadays with the numerous styles of social media.  All I can say, thank you Mr. Mishaikh for your support and help. May Allah bless you and your family. Happy Eid to you and your family and friends.

  • Many thanks for informing the people. 

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