And then a moment comes

you are not afraid of any thing,

sitting alone does not bother you

no tears come in to the eyes, 

lips always blossom with smile

Because you have become 

HABITUAL of all the sadness

never care anyone

whether they talk or none.

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  • Indeed, when a person becomes habitual means have transformed into a completely diffrent person. Can say just alive physically not by heart. Difficult to get back the old one. :)

    • SNR

      It would be even stronger if still live by heart too.  Why loose heart to the mere beloved.  Love her, but live or learn to live without her.  This is a strong peron.  Isn't it?

    • Indeed, this is an indication of strong person. But upto some extent or limit a person can be strong. The more he or she try to run away from love and stay stronger the more emptiness is felt from inside. :/

      There is no doubt a person needs love to live happily. 

    • Very well said SNR.

  • The habitual of sadness makes to a different person.
    The habitual of knowing others expectations on you lets you survive without losing your face.
    No one notices how lost you are.
    The habitual of sadness lies like a veil over your soul.

    The result of continuing sadness is indifference.

    • Very true explanation. Thanks rose.

      1. Very true explanation. Thanks rose.
  • So realistic... If we see around a lot of people are HABITUAL of all the sadness that it doesn't bother them at all. They're just breathing not living their lives.

    Thanks for the share Mishaikh.

    • Oh thank you Anah Sid ©

      such a realistic comment.

      I am so pleased to see you after a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy looooooooooooooooog time.


      Anah Sid ©
      myEnglishClub (myEC), your page in English
    • Same here :)

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