Grammar Test VII

Hi, everyone! I often miss teaching and teasing you a little! Here is my new grammar test for you (or me!) not to be bored! On this test, you should correct not only grammar mistakes, but also some phrasal verbs. I have borrowed some of the expressions from my wife's students and my personal correspondence.

I believe, you know what to do! You should correct all the mistakes and make all the sentences meaningful. So, let's go ahead!

Here is your task.

  1. Both of the twins didn’t do what they were assigned.
  2. I was watching the TV eating sandwich lying at the couch.
  3. He did not only managed making a good career but also did he become famous.
  4. She said when she had called office, I was not in as I left to business to Germany few days ago.
  5. Sneakers bought my husband and being small to me and I should refund them.
  6. He was good both in teaching and the research as well but decided to quit either.
  7. Being seen an owner, my dog ran to me and knocked off me right in front of the sidewalk.
  8. Having been at work, I ordered pizza to deliver to my home after I returned. But coming back I saw a pizza box lie in my door being empty.
  9. Having walked at the sidewalk, I was stumbled by something, fell off and made my head hurt. When I came back, I couldn’t recall happening.
  10. Any of this sentences are a mess and if you will not mind me to stay alive, correct some of them at least!

The deadline is the end of April. 

I have to say I will be absent for a couple of days but my wife, Tanya, will help me out while I am away. I am leaving on Tuesday and will be back on Thursday.

Can't wait to gather some new " masterpieces" for my next nightmare stories! Hahahaha!

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  • Hello Danny,

    What a challenging study ! Thank you. Questions made my mind busy.

    Do you think that not only to answer them but also to explain overall grammatical category / relation or constituent ? At least by giving grammatical names to easily remember.

    I'll try to review your previous test, thanks again for giving a chance to brush up,


  • Thank you, dear Danny, for your test. It was the cruel battle but we won it with help of Tanya. )))

  • My friends! I have seen no activity on this blog for more than a week and I think it is time to post the answers.

    Here you are!

    1. Neither of the twins (Neither twin) didn’t do what had been
    2. Lying on the couch I was watching __TV eating sandwich.
    3. He __ managed not only to make a good career but also to become
    4. She said when she called the office, I was not in as I had left for Germany on business a few days before.
    5. The sneakers bought by my husband are small for me and I should have them refunded.
    6. He was good at teaching as well as at researching but decided to quit both.
    7. Seeing its owner, my dog ran up to me and knocked me down right at the sidewalk.
    8. Being at work, I ordered pizza to be delivered to my home after I returned. But having come back, I saw an empty pizza box lying at my door.
    9. Walking on the sidewalk, I stumbled over something, fell down and hurt my head. When I came to, I couldn’t recall what had happened.
    10. Any of these sentences is a mess and if you don’t mind my staying alive, correct at least some of them!

    Sure, you can ask me any questions if you still have them.

    Have a nice week!

  • Dear ladies, you are welcome any time round a clock! Hahahaha! Take your time!

  • Okay, sir, but on sunday, thanks dear teacher.

  • Dear Danny, thank you for the analysis, frankly, I was not sure if any of my answers may be correct. Thanks again
  • Dear Besamina, happy to meet you and to see you on my grammar test! Let me analyze your answers.

    1. The wrong tense in the last clause.

    2. It is correct but might have been better.

    3. "..did manage" is incorrect.

    4. missing!

    5. Just SMALL or TOO SMALL. "I should be refunded" is incorrect.

    6. " both teaching and research.." is incorrect.

    7. "in front of the sidewalk" is not the best idea.

    8. "until" is incorrect.

    9. No, dear! How was it possible! LOL! I have already explained this sentence so many times! I stumbled walking the street, fell down, hurt my head and fainted. When I gained back consciousness I didn't remember anything.

    10. Dear, your sentence is a mess! LOL! First, ANY is singular. Also, we don't use the future tenses in the conditional clauses. AT LEAST occupies a wrong position. Moreover, you shouldn't have changed my vocabulary.

    But I have to admit it is a good attempt and you still have enough time to correct all the mistakes. Thanks for participating!

  • Hi, everyone! I am able to answer your comments at last!

    Dear Bet!

    1. We don't use BOTH in the negative sentences. FOR at the end is needless.

    2. Correct.

    3. MANAGE must be followed by the infinitive.

    4. Wrong tenses and wrong prepositions.

    5. Not bad! But let it be just SMALL.

    6. Look, such a construction must be parallel. It should be RESEARCHING. Yes, BOTH at the end is corrrect but don't add any other words.

    7. Hahaha! Let it be so although my dog doesn't knock people down on the street. Anyway, "knocked her down".

    8. The beginning is wrong. I ordered a pizza when I was in the office. " my home" and "..had been lying" are wrong.

    9. No, no, no! I have already explained this sentence so many times! I stumbled walking the street, fell down, hurt my head and fainted. When I gained back consciousness I didn't remember anything.

    10. Dear, NONE is incorrect! I mean just opposite. Besides, AT LEAST must be positioned somehow differentry.

    But it is not bad for the first attempt! Try to correct the rest of the mistakes, please!

  • Okay, sir.

  • My friends! I am very busy this week. I will reply all your comments on the weekend.

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