Good morning...!

It's cool windy morning, I hardly waked up, slowly dressed up and came to the office.... The road side was misty. So it took more time than usual. My boss asked '' why are you late Asanka?''. I don't want to reply him but I just tolled '' the road wasn't clear, It's a foggy day'' and pass him slowly before he begin the next question.

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  • I agree with Mishaikh about correcting grammar above passage.

  • very nice Asanka..well said

  • Thank you Mishaikh for correcting me...

  • :-D, it's normal for our boss. His work are asking and directing. :-DDDD

  • I woke up hardly,

    I didn't want to reply him, but told him that the road wasn't clear.

    ..............and passed by him slowly, before he asked next question.

  • Please correct me If I made some thing wrong in grammatically


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