Everyone has goals. It is to be anything. Someone's  goal is to construct a house for his/her family. Someone's goal is to  invent or discover anything. A school child's goal is to become first ranker in his/her class. A sales person's goal is to become a business man. But someone says they don’t have any goal in their life. If we don’t have any goal, how can we live without a goal? Suppose a man wants to survive his family, he has to work hard for his family; otherwise he can’t make his family happy. There was a goal for him.

           Might be a person goal is to be permanent or temporary.

Temporary goal: According to me Temporary goal is to be financial development. It gives physical satisfaction to us.

Permanent goal:  A person who wants to do a work without hiring any profit, to satisfy his/ herself is to be a Permanent goal. A few people have this goal..

Well I have goal. I want to do my own business and I want construct a house for my mom this is my temporary goal. I want to construct refuge for who are homeless and I want to help poor student those who are not able to go school…


If there is any wrongs please correct me..


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  • u r very correct sara. finally every body need self satisfaction

  • @ Miracle - Thank you. 

  • @honey- Thanks for you advise.

    Thank you all for your comments.

    @hari- if you don't have any goal. how can you achieve sucess

  • Use SMART technology for creating goals in your life. It helps to be specific in your goals and helps to achieve them. It's a poor picture when a person is decorated with the goals like a Christmas tree and he didn't achieve them :) 

  • Goals or dreams are the driving force to anyone.  Any person who achieved miracles are the dream or goal which made him to achieve.

  • .....................to do a work without EXPECTING any profit,

    Nice thoughts.

    There no person who claims that he/she doesn't any goal.  We sometime live and act without realizing that we are moving towards a target, temporary and/or permanent.

  • Hello sara. nice blog. still i dont know my goal what it is.
  • Thank you all for your comments...

    our life without goal it doesn't mean..

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