You might have heard of the term “Global village”, and probably know what it refers to. Global village was attributed to the world after the arrival of the internet technology. In other words, it was a metaphor for the immense globe which turned into a small village in which everyone could easily get in touch with other people all around the world. Nowadays, you only need to enter a few characters into the net and get access to the every corner of the world in less than a minute.

The net and electronic tools meant to facilitate different aspects of humans’ life, particularly the communication as an important necessity for us. They were assumed to narrow the gap between people, and get them together. But if we are honest enough, we have to confess that we feel lonelier than before. The rising percentage of depression which is getting to an alarming rate in some places, even some rich countries, may be consistent with this matter. The Diagram below shows the prevalence of depression in different countries in 2013. The exact percentage of the people who are suffering from this issue must have been more than this obviously.

It’s unfair to put the blame only on the technology. The technology is a tool at humans’ hands. We humans are supposed to get the benefit of it efficiently. Now that we potentially have more chance to communicate with each other, however, it seems as if we are hiding in a cave which is made by ourselves. It appears that the technology tried to bring us much closer, but we failed to make it happen appropriately. Living this way, people around us consider us as some self-centered individuals who only care about themselves. Subsequently, the negative feelings like apathy and resentment replace with positive feelings like kindness and consideration.

What is your idea about this matter? Do the technology tools play any role in psychological disorders like depression? What are the other probable reasons for depression? What do you recommend to control it?


Hurieh, March 27th/ 2016

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  • Dear sts,

    I totally agree with you. Everything has it's pros and cons. It's up to us how to use everything inorder to get the highest benefit of them. Thanks for stopping by.

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  • well,to b very honest every things has merits in it is in our hand what part of the thing we want to get?but i agree that today even the world is no doubt a "global village" but still it is a dark and lonely village due to de-merits of technology.but as i said before it is in our hand what choice we make?it matter alot. Shortly i will say to educate the people by showing them the dark and bright side of technology and enabling them to get benefits from the brighter side and stay away from the dark side will indeed make this world a better place to live.

  • Dear sameer shah,

    You poined to some of the negative effects of technology on humans' life well. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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  • Sorry for late friend, actually I am busy that why ok, I read this new thoughts it is good for new idea you asked from me What is your idea about this matter? right 

    I think that we are far away from human being and actual relation that why create lot of problem. joint family gives a lot of moral support but now a days we are leaving separate family, it is also one very big resion  for psychological disturbance and now a days people create use and throw relation it is very dangerous for human being and psychological disorders like depression. 

             Technology gives a easy way for working and maintained relation. It is for us but we are take very different meaning of technology and always used bad manners that is problem. Globalization is good in all seance but miss used of technology is bad psychological disorders like depression.     



  • Dear Kholoud,

    You got the point. Thanks for your comment.

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  • Undoubtly tchnology has a role in the deprrssion , but that's due to our unrsponsaple usage of it .
    We made it a way of life instead of our real life.
    We have to make a balance between the to way to avoid being lonly or having a depression
  • Comment by Hurieh just now Delete Comment

    (opps) A typo is detected!

    cave not cage! ***however, both of them can be right in this sense . (smiling) ***

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  • Dear Peppo,you asked one more question, right?

    "So, global village or self cave? Why not both?! Hehehe xD"

    If we can keep the balance beween both global village and personal cave, it will be OK. Why not? Sometimes, we do need to spend some time in our personal cage. But if we stay there for a long time, it will be problematic.

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  • Dear Peppo,

    Thanks for having a pit-stop here and leaving a comment.

    It sounds like my blog seems a little confusing. The communication process is a bilateral phenomenon. So either I couldn't transfer my message appropriately, or you failed to get my message clearly. Therefore, needless to be worried. We both are innocent. (hahaha) 

    So, here I am with further clarification over this blog.

    You asked: "You wrote 'the negative feelings like apathy and resentment replace with positive feelings like kindness and consideration?'
    May I know which one is got replaced by other?"

    Well. I meant that some people get focused on social networks and electronic tools excessively. And they may forget about the people around them like their family members, relatives, friends, so on. So, the people around them, particularly their significant ones, may assume it's selfish of whom they have forgotten them. Then, they would also treat them likewise and treat them with apathy and even resentment.

    I hope I could clarify it enough. Please let me know if you need further clarification.

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  • Hello!!!
    Very interesting blog with familiar topic for all of us here. I have a little question. You wrote 'the negative feelings like apathy and resentment replace with positive feelings like kindness and consideration?'
    May I know which one is got replaced by other? Pardon my low level English, hehe...
    I couldn't deny facts that internet caused depression because me and my friends used to through this kind of state. By the time we are learning to use this global village more wise and effective. Sometimes I also use this as a runaway place, like a wonderland where I could be someone I want to or precisely be more 'me'.
    So, global village or self cave? Why not both?! Hehehe xD
    Good day!!!
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