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  • I totally agree, one-sided love sucks! (Sending you a big HUG) 

    Buuuut maybe you just need a little break? Hmm?
    Take a break and follow SNR's advice, start having fun without a guy, put your energy on yourself. Personally I'd never chase love. But dating different guys, and getting to know them a bit, helps a lot to see very quickly who is just playing games, and who looks for more than just a fling... 
    There are SO MANY GREAT MEN out there, and they're also looking for someone loving and honest. Don't fall for flattery and BIG words, always look for actions... Kick out the ones that lie to you, those are not worth your time or thoughts. An honest, loving person deserves better!

  • Dear diah,

    Love yoyrself instead of loving others. Practice self love and try to be happy. Just remind yourself you are the best person on the earth. Love yourself with the same passion you love others. The moment you feel content and loved magic will happen.

    You will attract love when u love yourself. This is how universe will heal you and support you. 

    Take care of yourself :)

  • Dear Universe.

    Please Heal Diah Soul

  • You just haven't met the right person yet. ))) Never give up.

  • One of life's  greatest lessons  for me was  ,  " we can live without love "  and accept  this state . Because  this is far more better than getting ourselves in fake love stories  . People fail in love is due to their fail to be responsible  for other people live and emotions  . Love like everything  related  to human . It is an ability and abilities comes in degrees  . Some are so talented  in love , others are big losers   , some are moderated  in giving it  and there are ones who don't have it at all . We can live without limited human love if we didn't  get it . Life is more greater than searching for a thing  that we don't have full control  on it 

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