Give anothor opportunity

sometimes we meet right person in wrong time, then please give another opportunity to people if they did any wrong about is not intentional

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  • I do agree completely

    we can't see what's behind people behavior...then may they deserve to one another chance...

  •   Under pressure  people may  behave  badly  or be out of temper   . When we met people in our daily life we should give excuses and justification  to their behaviors  . Coz we don't know what's  lie  behind them maybe they are suffering  from something   . In the same time   , we may be in our bad days as them , and burst into anger  . However  , I want to say that we must keep  ourselves  in balance  when it comes to our emotions  . Try to clam ourselves  down when we aren't  in a good  temper  , because  we are responsible  for doing so . But when it comes to  giving another chance  for  a person  . I guess some deserve  but other don't  and we must cut our relationship  with  

  • Good point!

  • Venus.. guess we both know what we are talking about as life taught us sth ;) I would say being responsible is the priority and we should keep it on our mind no matter what..
  • Luci

    you get my speech :))

  • Happy Eid Venus. Halet chetore? Your name always reminds me of that famous song by the Shocking Blue. We always deserve another time. Thanks Venus for sharing.
  • Aha, thank you for explanation, Lucinka! You are right, but i guess it is very hard to do... and to deal with it...

  • Romchik.. I got it like sometimes we meet ppl that would perfectly match but it is bad timing as for example we already have a life partner etc. If these so called "perfect" ppl hurt us - we should forgive them... ehmm... depends on how deep is the wound, Venus...
  • Hi, Venus! I don't understand the meaning of words" then please give another opportunity to people if they did any wrong about you" can you please rephrase these words?
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