I received a great question today from a new MyEC member:
"How can I join this community?"

Community is so important in life. When you feel like you are part of something, you thrive. To thrive means to live well and grow. It is not enough to join a club such as MyEC. To become part of the community you must greet, meet, participate, and support one another. This is true for learners and teachers.

Here are 25 ways to become part of's growing community:

1. Welcome at least one new MyEC member every time you log in.
2. Add a new friend each day. (Please include a short note!)
3. Leave a comment on someone's blog every day! No blog should be left behind.:(
4. Join a group. Introduce yourself to group members.
5. Get to know about 5-10 members more closely. Consider these people your OBF's (online best friends). Find learning partners here!
6. Add a few photos and describe them.
7. Comment on one photo or video each day.
8. Write one blog post a week. Share it. (Don't know what to blog? Check here!)
9. Take the monthly writing challenges.
10. Play the monthly games.
11. Join chat for a few minutes each time you log in to MyEC. Or chat here on EC.
12. Read ESL Magazine and leave a comment.
13. Use EC's forums.
14. Discuss the Monthly News with other learners.
15. Follow EnglishClub on Twitter. Teachers can follow too.
16. Start a new group based on your interests or needs.
17.Record and upload an audio introduction to your music player.
18. Invite a few people you know in real life to join MyEC. (students, colleagues, family members)
19. Ask for advice from teachers or advanced learners.
20. Offer advice to beginners or those who ask.
21. Share links to your favourite EC resources, articles, tips with other learners.
22. Become a Facebook Fan of EnglishClub, MyEC, or
23. Meet the EnglishClub team.
24. Sign the guest book.
25. Share your comments and suggestions with EC's team.

BONUS tip: English Club is now on YouTube! Watch some videos and leave a comment. Bookmark this page:

get the most out of: have the best experience; benefit from greatly
thrive: to live well and to grow
community: a group that you belong to and participate in; a sense of belonging
left behind: forgotten about; ignored (also "left out")

Does help you feel like part of a community? Please share your stories and tips here!

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  • thank you all really i enrich my English every day with you .
  • usefull step guidance! for sure will use it
  • Thank you very much for this blog. I am a new comer. Till now, I still don't know much about this club. I will learn. thank you . 
  • yeah it`s really useful,especially for me thanks
  • It's very useful ,thank you
  • thank you for sharing


  • I m new here....thank you very much for helping people like....i will do it.... i want to improve my English this information will help me very much again thank you very much  Tara Benwell
  • Thank you very much!
  • Thank u for ur help.
  • I appreciate all that you do for us , specifically for the beginners like me , i am here for improve my english and to be a part of this community ; i want thrive with you .i am happy because : My english language is improving day after day .
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