Once upon a time, there’s a very rich man who by old age will soon die, he has one son who will be his only heir for all the wealth he gained for his lifetime. He knows that the time has come to leave the world, he asked his senior loyal servant to find his beloved son a wife, he instructed him to go back where he was born and look for a special maiden to marry his heir.

The loyal servant prayed to God to make his journey successful and show His kindness as a manifestation of a well-mannered lady on his way, “whoever will come and then I will ask her to give me a drink and let my horse to drink as well, will be the chosen one for my young master.” He said to his heart fervently. God heard the plea and sent his angel to guide the servant’s journey.

The time is noon when he reaches the town and prefers to stay to the nearest well, simultaneously, not so distant the angel blew the lady’s ear to make her think that it’s about time to go to the well with her jar to get some water.

When the servant sees the lady coming, he immediately asked her to give him a drink as well as his horse. The maiden did what he asked for and he watched her closely, the lady is a very beautiful woman and a virgin, no man had ever slept with her. The maiden’s family allowed him to take her home.

They arrived at the young master’s place. Winter is approaching, the snowflakes starting to pour on the ground. The young master had just finished meditation. As he stands he saw a very beautiful lady riding their horse with his senior loyal servant, the maiden sees the young master, almost in perfect physique and has an angelic face. The servant told the story of his journey and the young master brought the lady to his mother’s house to introduce her, and eventually, they got married and he loved her more than anything in the world, and he felt comforted after his mother died.


(Sorry Sir, my original concept is not really winter timing but still I tried my best to have a winter scene for this challenge, another apology; I bet this isn’t a 300 words piece. :D, my bad, about 361 words has been used. :D)


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  • Dear Mishaikh, thank you!

  • Innocently beautiful! Beautifully innocent!!

  • Dear Vangie, I'm trying my best to create that romantic excitement, I'm happy you like the story. :)

    Thank you!

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  • Thank you, dear! I prefer to be honest! Sleep well and have pleasant dreams!

  • Sir, you'll not be a reliable Teacher if you lie, at least you made yourself clear. :D :D I can sleep tight knowing you're always fair and just.

    Regards to Teacher Tanya.

    Good night!

  • And I will add, I don't have any favorites here. I just tell you what I think and I believe you want to hear it. If you want me to lie, just tell me as I can lie professionally!

  • Risry! ROFL! Have a rest! 

  • Hahaha! Anyway, thank you, Sir, for your corrections. I had enough teasing for this day. :D

  • Risty, dear! Why to say the same once again?! LOL!

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