G-land (Plengkung Beach)

Good Morning all of my friends. At this time, I will promote one of beautiful beach in Indonesia, wich located in my birthplace. Its name is G-land or Plengkung Beach. It’s located in Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia.  G-land also known as One of The Seven Giant Waves Wonder, because of its big  long waves.  G-Land has a big and very long waves that dreamed by the professional surfers, high waves on the Plengkung beach [G-Land] reaches 6-8 meters with its length is more than 2 km. This beach is also ever held Quicksilver Pro Surfing Championship , an international surfing competitions in '95, '96, and '97.  

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  • Mr. Hakim : whoa... cox's bazar.... I'm sure that beach is no less beautifull than Indonesian Beach, Mr. Hakim ^^ Ms. Galina : There are always many surfers there Ms. Galina, year-around ^^ Gee : Ahaha.. you're right gee, but it also could be amazing if you trying to surf at there :P

  • Wow! What huge waves! The beach is really amazing! Are there always many surfers there? Have you ever tried surfing, Fanda! It's so exciting! But I'm afraid of huge waves. It would be nice to visit it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks fanda.It's a fantastic view. You are lucky one because you have a place like that. I am also lucky because I have also a biggest see beach in my country(Bangladesh).Its name is cox's bazar. Have you ever heard the name of this. You all are welcome to see that.All the best.

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